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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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A love story of me and my Tinkerbell, a free flying
Congo African Grey parrot CAG , as we first roamed about the
mountains and forests and cities of Taiwan from 2002 to 2004. She loved to go riding with me on the motorbike as she sat on a
perch on the handle bar.

Full details of that first period in Taiwan and more are in


together with URLs to the relevant Webshots folders
of hundreds of photos. Without those photos, what I
wrote will never be believed. Details of her training,
the design and construction of her harness and her diet
are in this part.

PART 2 - Tinkerbell Legacy

I could not take Tinkerbell with me when I had to leave Taiwan at the end of my contract and my work here. My heart broke and I then wrote Tinkerbell Legacy.

That is the legacy that Tinkerbell will like you to
have. That you can also keep a flying parrot.

The legacy is on-going, and that can be followed from
the blog


PART 3 - Tinkerbell Revisited

In June 2005, I decided I had to see my TInkerbell again and I made a special trip to Taiwan to be with her again for a month..

My account of that visit can be read in my blog starting with


Yingshiong, a white rumped shama was then given to me in Oct 2005
You read and judge for yourself how sentient and intelligent a song bird can be.


I went back to Taiwan many times to be with Tinkerbell.

Part 5 - Tinkerbell - Lost & found - Bantienyen Dec 2007
Part 6 - Yingshiong & Tinkerbell - A good closure April 2008

Part 7 - Riamfada , a rescued CAG , joined us in Muscat Oman in Oct 2008
Her story starts here - http://shanlung.livejournal.com/79690.html

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