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That recovering IRN // Riam not so cooperative on her take-offs

I had a delightful piece of news. Claudia called me yesterday evening to let us know the IRN loved the mash I brought over to her the other day. That augured well for the recovery of that IRN.

Let me first explain.

I and my wife are members of Animal Rescue of Oman, a group of people devoted to rescueing dogs and cats and other animals. Since there are quite of few of them dedicated to dogs and cats, I offered myself should there be problems with birds at their General Meeting early this year. A few photos of Tinkerbell, Yingshiong and Riamfada persuaded them that perhaps I know that wee bit more on birds and can be trusted to do well by them and not take the birds and flog them off the next day to the bird shop.

On Monday, Sophie, the energetic lady of ARC got in touch with us that an Indian Ring Neck was found by this lady in her garden in the clutchs of a cat that she shooed away. On hearing such news, I felt the worse , or almost the worse had happened.

I was not certain how to handle that, but I called Claudia who lived somewhere in Qurum near the Crown Plaza Hotel.

Claudia confirmed what Sophie said. She told me that IRN was kept in a box and in a room dedicated to her as she have cats and afraid that IRN be further harmed. She agreed with me that since IRN is a native bird, it would be best to return him to the wild when recovered. She would look after him and stay in touch with me. I gave some advise as what she should feed him and I try to see her the next day with some suitable food for that IRN.

I had an afternoon full of meetings and that evening was farewell dinner for Erica as related in last report.

I was gladden the next morning with a call from Claudia the IRN was still alive.

So it was the evening that day that we drove over to see Claudia and that IRN. Riam was brought along with us to the delight of Claudia daughter and son. Riam was also delighted too as she seemed to like kids very much. I gave Claudia a pack of mash and explained to her that it was best to try to feed the IRN that especially now. She was impressed with the photo of some of the stuff that got cooked into that mash. Full of proteins and carbo good for recovering birds.


Making of Tinkerbell Mash

The details here

IRN was in a small room. He seemed well enough to hide away from me and I did not want to stress him further by actively seeking him out. I assured Claudia that she was doing well in being that IRN caregiver in his time of need.

We said our goodbyes and went on our way.

Since we were passing MQ, we stopped by the Family bookshop there to pick up the Handbook of Oman Geology. This was also another stage for Riamfada, the going out at night with us. She had inadvertently did that on that Wadi Bani Khalid excursion when that trip got longer than I thought. But she was not brought out to meet people.

The people outside the book store were delighted with Riam and her flights to me from the top of SUV while my wife was in that book store. I told them how to do what I had done was all written in detail in Tinkerbell website.

We were then dragged into the bookshop where the owner and staff were delighted with us.

We then decided to have our dinner at the sharwama place near MQ. That was an outdoor cafe area. Riam was on my shoulder as we sat at a table. She watched all the others who were looking and smiling at her uncertain as to what they were seeing. She declined the sharwama, but drank deeply into the pomegranate juice I ordered and shared with her.



Riam entertained all there by flying to me when we left
I hope I gave thoughts to those there should they decide on having a parrot


And before we returned home, I thought it would be good idea to get a car wash so neighbours will not be able to compare paw prints on their cars with paw prints on my car to have clear evidence of Dommie and Katie messing up their cars.

This was Riamfada's very first car wash. She seemed to like that experience.


Yesterday evening, just before the neighbourhood walk, we had that phone call from Claudia with that delightful news that the IRN ate all that portion of mash laid out for him.

It was difficult for my wife to hold the hand perch where Riam took off to me and to hold the camera for shots of that flight.

So I wheeled the parallel bar stand from the living room out of the garden gate and onto the road.

Another hand perch was slotted onto the parallel bar and Riam positioned on it so my wife could focus on getting the shots.

The recall were short recalls as I stayed near waiting to see better Riamfada's take offs.


Problem was that I added cups and container holders to that stand. Riam took off on cue, got the line caught up on a container and it was a fiasco. In the video below, you will see the stand being dragged behind Riam as the line caught.

After another attempt, we retired the bar stand and got back to the hand perch hold by my wife.

Then Riamfada insisted on first turning around on the perch to face me directly. That negated what we were trying to take. That she took off with her back to me. Either of her jumping back, flapping backwards and turning in air to me. Or her flying forward, and then turning around in flight towards me.

At last, I got her to face away from me until I gave recall cue. She was half turned to me and she took off diagonally.

The best that me and my wife could do so far thanks to the non cooperation of Riamfada and her perverse sense of parroty humor. Riam did that all so wonderfully when my wife was not having and holding on the camera earlier on.

We still hope to do those shots of her flying ahead and turning in midair to me or jumping backwards and flying backwards making that turn to fly to me.

I hope she be more cooperative in future.

By then, Katie and Dommie got bored with us trying to take photos instead of continuing the neighbourhood walk and got up to top of this pristine car of my neighbour to watch us. With the trails of muddy prints on the hood and windscreen which was so embarrasing.

We decided to call an end to the photo session. And walked away down the road to be far away before my neighbour got out to see his car. We planned to disclaim those kitties as neighbourhood strays disguising themselves as our kitties.

Dom and Katie came off that car to pad after us. Doubtlessly looking for more ways to embarass us.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice

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