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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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We said our goodbyes to our beasties in Oman
It was a very quiet and lonely house last night.

We said our goodbyes to our beasties in Oman.

The kitties were the first to go. Immediately after I got back from work yesterday afternoon, Dommie and Katie was around waiting expectantly for the accustomed and expected neighbourhood walk. They were instead stuffed into the 2 cat carriers. I originally thought of taking them both in one carrier as I thought that was roomy enough. After all, I took them back in that one carrier and taken those two for their vacinations and speying in that one garish orange carrier that Riamfada hated.

So that was the image I had in my mind. I forgot that was a few months ago and since then, the kitties got bigger, a lot bigger. After Dom was stuffed into that orange carrier, there was little space left. So the carrier I bought for Riamfada was used to stick Katie inside. They thought it was a game. Until we took them into the SUV. Then they started screaming away. They were used to getting into the SUV but had the entire car to roam about in. They sensed it was unusual this time. And they screamed and meowed away.

My wife comforted them. I gave them instead evil chuckles. I explained to them because they were bad evil creatures trying to maim and kill me, they will be incarcerated away. I got a kick from my wife (metaphorically as we were in the car) and she raised her voice declaring that we loved them so.

Shortly, we arrived at the vet to hand them over. The vet there cooed what lovely cats. I tried to point the error of her observations and told her they were bad creatures who demanded breakfast before me and tried to kill and maim me with their figure of 8s weaving at my ankle. Instead of taking my side, she said 'ahhh.... such sweet darlings'

I gave up.

Then we got back home.

Riamfada had been told the last couple of days that she would be looked after by Jessica as we would be away for a couple of weeks.

Riam was to go at 715pm leaving me an hour with her. She came to the living room. Doing all the exercises with me so nicely. We had huge heads of sunflowers from the sun flower seeds my wife had thrown in the garden. You cannot get more organic than that. After the heads were dried, Riamfada loved them, digging and opening seeds one at a time from the head.

I stuck a head in her parallel bar. To let her eat as much as she wanted.

She was then taken to her cage. That door was closed onto her for the first time since she came into my house last October. And she was taken to the back of the SUV. The thawed pack of mash, and another 5 packs of frozen mash was in an insulated container. Her perch basket, 3 hand perches and two large bottles of sunflower seeds came with us.

We reached Jessica villa and took Riamfada in.

Riamfada recognised her and talked to her. I then guided Jessica and her husband how Riam will step up on the hand perch and simple means of control. I explained the feeding of mash to her and other things that I thought needed for them to live amicably for the time we will be away.

I told Riam that we will be away for 15 days and then we will be back again.

We then went off, had a simple dinner at Ocean, and came back to a quiet house.

We will be flying off to Taiwan on evening 15 March, touching down in Taipei in late afternoon 16 March. We will stay over in Taipei, a city we love so much for a couple of evenings and to see dear old friends there.

Then on the 18th March, we will be taking the High Speed Train, that I took part in building, to Chiayi city.

You all know why.

We will be there until 29th March and our flight back to Oman on 31st March 09

Oman station over and out.

Other reports will be made from us in Taiwan.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice


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It is pouring rain here, as it has been since yester afternoon. As we say, raining cats and dogs! The birds enjoy the sound of the rain, as do I. With one now located on the sunporch and one still in the guest/computer room, they are much more vocal than when in sight of each other.

When we had two cats, it was awful to take them with us going from Alabama to Massachusetts and back later in the year. They meowed for 1500 miles. One time I got a traquilizer from the vet for them, but it did NOT work. I only got them drunk, so I gave up on that.

But taking leave of a parrot is a bit different. You are so right to tell Riam that you are leaving, that you'll be back, and just how long it will be until you return. I swear, they do understand. With Kimali, he knew when I packed to spend half each week with my brother in Louisiana that he would go with me. Then later when I worked at Boat US, I took him with me to work in the store, and he told the other birds before he left, "I gotta go to work. I'll be back." He learned by some cue that I was getting ready to go out, and even today he thinks I'm going to work when I leave the house, and he knows that I will be back. Sometimes he adds, "I love you. Give me a kiss."

The first time in his life that we spent a night apart was when he was about 3 years old. I had to drive to Louisville KY (700 miles one way) to pick up two blue crown conures whose owner could not take care of them any more. I told Kimali I'd be back in two days. I left a neighbor instructions on what to do but most importantly who she should contact if I should NOT return. But when I got back before the second night, Kimali was very distressed with me. He did not know why I left him alone. So when I started the job at Boat US, I thought it would teach him where I go when I leave the house. And now he believes I still go to work! Somehow I must teach him that I really go SHOPPING!!!! :)

Well, bon voyage, mes amies. Enjoy your trip home.

Give Tink a great big scritch and nut from her protege and fellow stinker, Carly Lu!


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