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26-27Feb Cherry blossoms at mountain village Wekan // Yiti

Flickr Photo folder Feb26-27 Cherry Blossoms in Wakan // Yiti beach
many more photos in folder as only a few are shown here

The last time I was under a cherry tree in glory of its full blossom was in Kyoto in spring 1991. South Korea also have wonderful cherry blossom, but I left her in early Feb before spring came.

When my wife showed me photos of cherry blossoms in Oman taken by Ahmed Shukali a member of her photo club, I was stunned. Even if the blossoms were not as heavy as that I remembered, powerful poignant memories of those earlier days made it impossible not to see for myself.

So she wrote to her friend and got a detailed reply as to how to reach the village of Wekan or Wakan. In Arabic script, that village would be WKN, and everyone had their own interpretation what go in between the consonants.

> Hi J Tang,
> Well, I don't think it's accessible from Samail since it's in Batinah Region,
> The directions are easy,
> 1- Go to Barka and once you reach Barka roundabout go left as if you're going to Nakhal
> 2- Continue your way and do not enter Nakhal or any other place just keep on going straight in the road (as if you're going to Awabi)
> 3- On your way you will find a post "Wadi Mistal" turn left as the sign says
> 4- after few kilometres you will start going into graded roads.
> 5- after sometime of driving you will see the road splitting and you should go to the right (sign post says "Hajer") and you will start going to Wakan from that point until you reach it on the top of the mountain.
> It's not a difficult ride, and for your information, the flowers blossom for 10 days only and you may not find much if you go after a week or two.
> I will try to send the coordinates as I have recorded them by GPS receiver.
> Regards,
> Ahmed Al-Shukaili

With the days getting warmer, we could not wait any longer if we wanted to see cherry blossoms.

So it was on 26 Feb , Thursday , that the 3 of us got into the car . We planned to leave the house at 9am. We left about 1130am because of the usual procrastinating about.

We headed on our way on the road to Barka
The turn-off was made and as the miles got eaten away, we were drawing closer and closer to the mountain range that marched on and on.

It was a clear day. The mountains stood out in sharp relief, and the ravines and gullies came into view as we got closer.

We saw that turn off into Wadi Mistal. That road appeared to go smack into the mountains. Then we saw the mountains were bisected with a deep natural cut. And the road became a track. Making me happy we got a four wheel drive.

The mountains towered over us on both side of the track. It was so beautiful that I had to get out of the car. Partly to allow Riamfada to stretch herself as she was so nice and behaved herself.



We passed on into a plain with huge mountains ringing us. We were into the Ghubrah Bowl.

Our photos do not do justice to this place. Go into Flickr and do a search for 'Wakan Oman' and look at the photos of others such as digitalazia and Blewyn .

After passing a very small village, we drove on and on along a dusty track for about an hour wondering if we would get any where at all. Only posts carrying electric cables gave me some hope we might get somewhere.

Flickr Photo folder Feb26-27 Cherry Blossoms in Wakan // Yiti beach
many more photos in folder as only a few are shown here


I told myself another 15 minutes and I would turn back. Then the sign Hegar came into view just as we saw that little village among a splat of green up the mountain side.


Low gear was engaged as we drove up to this town.

We got into this small town to take a break from the drive. And to entertain the villagers and kids gathering around Riamfada.




We were told Wekan was even higher still and they pointed to us an incredibly steep road behind their village.

I was hoping my 4WD would retain its grip on the track, and the track maintain its grip on the side of the mountain as we weaved our way up and up.

And then we were at Wekan, a little hamlet clinging on precariously on top of a knoll by side of huge mountains. They have a spring that gave life to their plants and to the village.

In terraced plots irrigated by their spring were plots of trees and crops.

Distant trees with misty white blossoms, nearer trees with deep red blossoms and pink blossoms. I knew I was in plum orchards, peach orchards, and if they say cherry orchards, so be it. I was not arguing with anyone in such a nice beautiful place.

Flickr Photo folder Feb26-27 Cherry Blossoms in Wakan // Yiti beach
many more photos in folder as only a few are shown here







We had our picnic lunch here about 330pm. And soon it was time to go home.


The next day, the 3 of us drove over to Yiti beach.

You can see from the photo how intense the sun was even if that day was nice and cool at 24C.


Shade is a premium. I could not imagine how others could just lie on the beach without any shade for hours even if the sea and sand can be so beautiful.

Our favourite spot under the shade of a few trees was shared with a Indian family who fell in love with Riamfada.



Flickr Photo folder Feb26-27 Cherry Blossoms in Wakan // Yiti beach
many more photos in folder as only a few are shown here

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice


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