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Riam want the neighbourhood walk // Maya's CAG bullies her //Riamfada gave me her first painful bite

We had been taking Riamfada and the kitties out on neighbourhood walks for a long time now as can be see in this journal.

There are times when I felt lazy. The other day was one of those days. When I got back from work, I took Riam from her room into living room. I thought I skip that walk and did some exercises and recalls with her.

Riam was used to early night sleep. When it got dark, and even with lights on in living room, she would fly back to her room and hang on the beaded curtains and waited for me to step her up on stick and brought into her room for her to sleep.

But that day was early, at about 515pm and still bright outside.

After a few recalls, she turned away from me and flew back to her room to hang on the beaded curtains. I thought that to be strange and I walked over to her to take her back to the living room to let her be and went back to watch the TV. A couple minutes later, she flew back to her room and hang on the curtains. Taken her back to living room and for the 3rd time, she flew back to her room.

My wife at her computer corner next to her room remarked that perhaps Riamfada was unhappy she was not taken for neighbourhood walk.

Riam was used to be harnessed in her room and taken directly for walks before coming back to have her harness removed in living room and then exercises there.

So I got that harness in my hand, picked up Riam on stick and walked back to living room. Riam would normally fly from stick to perch the moment I enter living room. But on this time, Riam flew directly to the bar. Her harness would normally be put on when she was on the bar in her room. I opened the head loop and she bowed her head into that head loop for me to complete that harness on her.

And we went out for the neighbourhood walk. The kitties were already waiting at the garden gate for this ritual walk. They would rush from the gate and clawed their way up the nearby palm tree. Then they would kind of follow us.

I had a call from Maya yesterday. I gave her 3 packs of Tinkerbell Mash when she came over to our place last weekend. I wondered since then if her CAG liked that mash.

Maya had this complain. Her CAG liked the mash so much that he refused all his earlier food. He would overturn the sunflower seeds and stuff. And she was down to her last pack of the three packs I gave her.

I assured her it was not a problem. So that evening walk was to her villa and she came back with me to my place. To see the various dry beans and stuff so she knew what to buy. She had no Internet and my wife gave her a printout of Tink mash. I explained how I use the blender to mash the big beans prior to final cooking with sweet potatoes and carrots and red/green beans and the rice & cereals. I gave her another 3 packs as well to last her till her own cooking of the mash.

After the walk, Riam would do exercises with me. Then she would hang from my shirt for headrubs while I watched TV.

I was playing chess on Internet and she would fly to me, hang on me, perch on basket nearby, or on chair next to me.

I was vaguely conscious that my wife was next to me feeding seeds to Riam. Riam then went on seat of chair and moved under the table away from my wife. I reached under the table to give Riam a headrub.

To my shock, Riam grab my finger between her beak and gave a crunching bite that reached to my soul. "OOWWW", I shouted in pain.

Riam released me immediately and softly cooed to me in baby talk and came out under the table on that chair seat.

I never imagined Riam could ever hurt me.

My wife was laughing nearby and said that bite was meant for her. She was giving seeds to Riam and tried to give Riam beak rub that Riam refused. Thats why Riam went under the table on that chair. When my finger reached in, Riam must have thought it was my wife.

I think Riam was shocked and dismayed she bite me instead of my wife and gave me all the apologetic noises as well as very very gentle nibbles after that.

I thought Riam was nice to my wife in that the bite , painful as it was, did not break the skin. That must have been a 'warning' nip, but accidently to the wrong party.

Of course, I forgave Riamfada. It was quite understandable.

I live with my wife.

I know.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

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