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Date: Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:37 pm
Subject: Spooking zones was Re: Crows (panic flights, harnesses & shanlung9
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--- In, "Dorothy Schwarz" <dot@s...> wrote:
> Walking the dog with harnessed parrot on shoulder will not be a good
> mix.
> Sorry I do not agree.
> We have dOING this for almost 5 years.
> The parrots call the dogs, Come here leah Come here Dax.
> The dogs have learned to ignore the parrots' whistles. They used to
come running
> We do have 2 of us though. Wal with the dogs and me with the birds
although I have taken out 2 birds and 2 dogs by myself.
> My reservation against doing this is not my own animals but meeting
other untrained dogs.
> Dot

No problem with diverse viewpoints.

Maybe I should not have jumped in as I never had a dog so I do not know
how walking a dog is like.

Like in the discussions of crows where some felt crows are not a threat
whereas I see threats from the huge crows that hang about in Alishan
mountains. They were heavy built and more the size of macaws.

So unless you are very sure that nothing will go wrong and can go
wrong, you then have nothing to worry about. But being more paranoid
then you are, I plan for the worse but hope for the best. It is a free
world and free choice to all.

I was thinking of Tink. While she had poise and confidence from our
going out so often, there have been a few times where she spooked.
Making me so glad I had harness on her. At those times, I was glad I
only had her and nothing else to distract me.

During those spook times, I was glad that I had only her to handle.
The strength that a spooked CAG can generate is the reason why I spoke
out so strongly that even clipped parrots must be harnessed when taken
out. A spooked bird must be handled to be believed in. That is
another reason why I kept advocating leash must always be carabinered
to the belt. A spooked bird can just tear that leash off your hand.

In all other cases, their caretakers can only see the spooked parrot
flying away, even when clipped. And at that, once only as in most
cases, they never got him/her back. Few ever will have the experience
I had in what spooked parrot can do.

Before I read of the ducks dying around the airbase, I took Tinkerbell
back there on harness after that free flight. She spooked a couple of
times and after I read of the ducks, we did not go back again.

At least, I knew the source of spooking.

At other times she spooked too, but due to very clearly recognised
fears. She hated backhoe excavators and their sounds and sight would
spook her. I either detoured around them, or stop the bike to place
her in carrier to let her out when we passed them.

Other times had been more weird. It might have been the way the
mountains and valleys arrangement that may have channeled sounds or
what not to a certain point. I hesitate to say that it could be earth
energy. But I really do not know.

That place looked peaceful and was one of my favourite spot. I wrote a
bit of it as the pavilion beyound Dragon's Eye. On that knoll, there
was one circular area that Tinkerbell would never enter. She would be
ok and then abruptly, she spooked and attempt to fly off my shoulder
and always away from that circular perimeter. That intrigued me enough
to try to bring her across in her carrier as perhaps the disturbance
might have been visual. She was so agitated that I did not try again
and just remain clear of that area about 10 meters of diameter.

Then at another area, around the gorge with fossil shells I wrote
about, the spook zone appeared to be a kind of straight invisible wall
about 20 meters long in the middle and running lenght wise of a small
valley. She would not be brought across that wall, spooking when I
approached that line.

Those were beautiful areas not withstanding the spook zones within. We
returned to them again and again. Whatever the weather conditions, she
spooked when we crossed the invisible lines.

Take it for all it is worth.


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