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Oman weekend 12-13Feb09 Wadi Fanja with Dommie and Siefa Ah Sheik



You will like this entry regarding the harness on cat even if it did not work as planned.



It is always nice to see my good Jordanian Bedouin friend keeping in touch.
I hope that day will come when we get to meet again, perhaps in Jordan that you told me so many beautiful stories about.


The new mash is still kept to the proportions that I wrote about in
'Riamfada and mash'

Except I reverted to weights instead of that quarter cup. I started with a quarter cup of red beans and weighed that to be 45 grams. And that would be one portion. All the dry stuff were weighed as that was easier to see than to see 1/4 cup.

I weighed soaked black eye beans to be 100 grams soaked weight and hence sweet potatoes portion was 600 grams.

I could not realistically use that mixer on the completed mash as that would be too massive and sticky to blend. That was why I focused only on the bigger beans as that was still in liquid and easier for the blender to chop and mix well. After that, the sweet potatoes and carrots (cut into small pieces) and the red/green beans and the rice cereals could be added to that blended mash to cook and cool and stuffed into baggies.


The Flickr folder of photos of this weekend is

Many more photos are in that folder as only a few are extracted into any Livejournal entry.

As usual, we would have our neighbourhood walks with Riamfada and kitties when I got back from work. Not on every day though. We also took shorter walks so Riamfada could have time with me in living room doing her exercises as well.

On one such outing before the weekend, Riamfada was on a fence and not very keen to fly on my cues. You recalled I told you never ever to pull that line?
Tinkerbell took very strong objections to that which was recorded quite a few times.

But I thought perhaps Riamfada would not be that bitchy. So I pulled.
That was a very wrong thing to do. Riamfada took off and flew in my direction. She overflew me and landed on the branch of a dead tree behind me as you can see in the first few photos of the photoset. She refused to fly down to me. Luckily the branch was near me and I pulled and broke it to get Riamfada back.

I knew I was wrong. I should be telling that to myself never ever to pull that line instead of telling that to you folks.

During that last Wednesday neighbourhood walk, we met Raya who told us her sister Maya also have a male CAG living in our neighbourhood in a villa in the same walled community. So we walked over to their place to be greeted by Maya and her CAG in a cage on the patio. Maya told us her CAG had the run of the house inside, but even though he was clipped, she dared not allow him out as he was the love in her life.

On thursday morning, Maya came over to our place to see Riamfada in her natural environment. She had no Internet at home and got to see how Tinkerbell and Yingshiong lived with me in Tinkerbell webpage. She was interested in the mash and I gave her 3 frozen packs and told her if her CAG liked that, it would be no problem for me to prepare Mash for her CAG as well.

We still had the large part of Thursday. We decided to take Dommie with us to Wadi Fanja on harness and leash as we knew the beach was not the place for kitties. Dommie stayed at the foot of my wife the large part of the drive. We chose Dommie instead of Katie as Dom was the more intelligent of the two. Katie followed us, and listen to us more often than Dom. Katie was a bit flighty, and Dom was the more steady of the two.

We drove to about the same place we been last week. To base camp in the shade provided by a thorny bush. The leash was clipped onto Dommie's harness. Dom was wary when he first came out of the car. He accepted the tug of that leash. As we walked to the wadi, I released that catch to let the leash run freely. Me and my wife were his source of familiarity and comfort. I would think even Riam on my shoulder was a source of comfort to him. We moved to the end of the leash and waited. Dom would then run to us and stayed at our ankles. Then we walked on again and called to Dom. Dom would then come to join us. We made our way to the edge of the water and then back to the base camp again.

I made another ring (more a U than a ring) permanent in the car. The other ring would be hung on branch outside as suitable and in the photo below. We borrowed Riamfada's carrier in case Dom gave us problems and we needed to cage him.



After a while, Dommie decided to try to get out of his harness. The harness was still loose as that was the first fit and I too much of procrastinator to do that final fit. Dommie found that if he backed away, he could pull himself out of the harness. We put him back into it, but after 3-4 times, we let it be. I also found I forgot to bring the Dyneema line that I needed to make permanent adjustment to Dommie harness having taken it to show Maya earlier that day.

Dommie stayed around us. He might do a bit of exploration of the rocks behind. But he would remain in sight and stayed in base camp. We felt he liked the outing. Since he came to us when called and appeared comfortable, we thought we forego the harness.





We had our picnic lunch and quiet moments just enjoying the day
and returning waves to the other 4x4 that passed by us. I guessed we were very noticable with a parrot and a cat.

We then did another walk to the wadi waters. We left base camp and Dommie came readily to our calls. Dom stayed near our ankles as we walked over the cobble stones to the edge of the wadi.

Dom did not seem to be afraid of water as you can see.



The Flickr folder of photos of this weekend is

Many more photos are in that folder as only a few are extracted into any Livejournal entry.

On Friday 13 Feb 09, the three of us went to Siefa Al Sheikh. That was a small beach in a small bay carved out of the mountains. That was about 170 km round trip from where we stayed. As this was seaside environment, only the three of us went.

The car served for shade which was why the camp chairs were right against the car. We brought a picnic lunch with us. Many of the scenic places in Oman were almost pure natural beauty. No shops or restaurants around or even nearby. If you did not bring food or drinks, you will go hungry and thirsty.

We had been trying for a shot like the one done with Tinkerbell in Chipen, where she was captured flying towards me. That was one of my favourite shot of her


So we tried and tried with Riamfada on that day




The Flickr folder of photos of this weekend is

Many more photos are in that folder as only a few are extracted into any Livejournal entry.

The efforts of that day did not come up to that photo taken in Chipen.

In between those flights, and walks along the beach, Riam was left on her basket perch while I read. Riam became engrossed in that swivel/clip arrangement. She investigated that with a vengence watched by me with morbid fascination. She had gotten that out before in the past, in what I felt was hit and miss attempts.

This time it was different. It was industrial. She got that opened. And I clipped it on again. To be opened by Riam in seconds. And clipped on again by me. And opened it by Riam. It was clear she understood that concept of how to open that fishing clip.

The ad hoc fix I did before now became the permanent fastening. I gave up with the clip to the swivel joint. I tied the leash line direct to the swivel with a series of very dead and tight knots. And not just one loop around the swivel ring either. I clipped that clip back to swivel as an adornment for Riam to play with and as a distraction.

The leash fastening cannot be untied and must be cut off should I wanted to remove the leash to take that harness off. This will have to do until I could get more of the better clips when I am in Taiwan mid Mar 09.

The Flickr folder of photos of this weekend is

Many more photos are in that folder as only a few are extracted into any Livejournal entry.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice


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