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Wadi walk: Al Wadi Al Saghir with Riamfada

There were periods when I was too busy and tired out to update this journal. Such as the couple of weeks since my last update.

I also signed into a couple of cat forums which took a bit of my time.
Burned up some energy too especially in a recent fiasco of my making there.

I came across this particular site, which upset me so much that I posted it to a couple of cat sites

KITTENS used as bait for sharks and marlin!

Be warned!

I felt sick watching this.


It was so sickening to watch. Which was what the perps wanted to do. Only later I realised it was a hoax set out by them to make money as can be seen in this later letter from me

Posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 2:29 pm:


I wish my foresight is better than my hindsight, and I had not reacted in knee-jerk fashion in starting this thread.

The images were horrendous enough that I could not fully watched that video. The shock stupified my rational senses that I could not think properly.

That they couldn't have use what they claimed to use to catch sharks and marlins as that was not the natural food.

I think it was a hoax that I stupidly spread to this site.

But I guess crooks will never come up directly to say they want to steal your money. Like Madoff and his kind, they will say they have a secret path to promised land.

Or that they present a horrendous situation to tug at your heart strings to open your purse string.

If no horrendous situation occured, they create one, to spin at us, like what they have done, and into which I fallen for.

They can be that hideous and cruel to take real kittens to hook them and drop them into the water. That voice over in that video that 'he will search those perpertuators out to the end of the earth' was so hypocritical and nauseating as he was the one likely to have hooked that kitten in the first place.

I resisted a long time from answering in here hoping this thread will die.

But I have to, firstly to apologise for starting this.

And a direct appeal to mods to close this thread, by sealing it, or totally trashing it all together.

If that is not done, then folks, accept my apologies and not answer anymore here to let this thread die out.


Now back to Riamfada and life here in Oman.

Just before this entry, I went back to that last entry to include some of the photos for that trip. That set of photos were uploaded a few days after I wrote that report, and hence were not included when I wrote that report. So you might like to backtrack to that earlier entry to take a look.

Going for neighbourhood walks with Riamfada and the 2 kitties became a routine almost everyday that all looked forward to during the working days when I got back from work. I would go to Riamfada's room, asked her to fly to the bar stand from her perch. She knew that was the precursor of wearing her harness. Since she knew she would be taken out , be it for neighbourhood walk or far away, she happily complied. I would give her a seed, hold the harness head loop in position and she would assist me in placing her head in. Then she would lift up her wings for me to do that body loop under her wings and locked that in front. With the leash line attached to her harness, she would step up on the stick and taken out of her room. The kitties would see us coming out and that would be their cue to rush to the garden gate. And then out we go on our neighbourhood walks.

We would be out walking about our neighbourhood for about 45 minutes. We walked a bit, and the kitties might want to climb that tree, or jump up on a wall , or smell some interesting smells, and we would wait a while and then continued on calling the kitties to follow.

Riam might be on the perch, or on my shoulder and looking around with interest at the trees, at the kitties, at the sky , and flowers and other sights that can be seen in the neighbourhood.

At the end of the walk, we would get back to the living room where her harness was removed. We played a short while (I cannot call that training) and shortly after, she would be returned to her room. Sometimes she would decide it was late and she would fly back to the hanging curtains to her room as a signal she wanted to get inside to sleep.

Flickr photoset here

(edited on 17Feb09 to include set of different photos by my wife on this walk

On the 22nd Jan 2009 Thursday (Saturday to us in Oman), there was this walk being led by Mr Clive Winbow. I thought there might be about 8-10 people on this walk. I thought it to be a leisurely hour to 2 hours walk on flat ground to look at local wild plants and shrubs as we were to assemble in Qurum SAPCO, a small commercial shopping complex next to a small flat plain.

And with the last great outing with Riam, I was going to take Riam on this walk too. Since I knew Riam liked the back seat, I made it even more comfortable for her. I strung up Dyneema line between the handbars above the back doors of the car. The ring perch could then be mounted high up at the back seat. That would provide an elevated perch for Riamfada instead of the handle of the basket on the back seat. She would be able to see more from the side windows and the front.

My wife at the back seat gave me a running report how much Riam enjoyed that new position. I kept thinking what went on in her head as we drove at 120++ kph with the beautiful views of Muscat and mountains flashing past.

(edited on 17Feb09 to include set of different photos by my wife on this walk

Sometimes , Riam decided my head rest was even better place to perch herself. As she did not get to my shoulder when I was driving, it was ok to me.

We reached SAPCO, and to my surprise and Mr Winbow, there were 30++ folks interested in the walk.

Then we found out SAPCO was chosen as that would be a convenient and free parking lot to park the cars. The actuall destination and walk was Wadi Al Saghir. We got onto other four wheel drives as the place we would go to did not have a big parking area.

I was nicely surprised that Mr Hallet Neville my colleague was there and the 3 of us took a ride in his car. And we all went in a convoy to the high hills at the back of Muscat old town. When the car could go no more, they were parked.


Mr Winbow pointed to the high ridge behind him and said the Wadi would be over the ridge.

I had been to Himalayas , Annarpurna, climbed 3000-4000 m mountains in Taiwan. But that was long ago. A leisurely walk on flat surface which I thought this was evaporated at the sight of that first climb.

Most surrealisticly, the walk started with us going into this container box. I thought no way that box could hold so many of us. But one by one, people got in until my turn.


I thought the box must be related to Dr Who and his telephone box with multi-dimension space to hold so many people. Then I found out there was another door inside the container box that exited to a path that snaked up that hill. The box served as a 'gate' to that path.




We crossed that ridge and at the start of Wadi Al Saghir.

Plants that were yellow flowers, white flowers, thorny branches, squat shrubs miraculously had names.

Abutilon pannosum, Boerhavia elegans, Dipterygium glaucum, Forskohlia tenacissima, Physorrhynchus chaemaeropistum were just some of the names that gone into my ear. And went out the other ear.

My memory not what it used to be, and things with too many syllabus can be very difficult to remember or even to roll off the tongue.

In my mind, I reverted back to calling the plants yellow flower plant, white flower plant, pointy plants.

Riam was enjoying herself more than me. Getting sunflower seeds now and then.

And sips of my drink.



Neville the bearded guy on rock behind me.



That walk began at 930am when we walked through that container box.

(edited on 17Feb09 to include set of different photos by my wife on this walk

You can see the terrain was a lot less flat than what I thought it was

It was about 3 pm that we walked out of that wadi into path road and transport back to our parked cars. I saw in a paper while wanting for the car this


The next day, Friday, was a very quiet day. Muscles and joints aching everywhere.

We drove to Seeb Beach location 5 minutes away to find I could take part.

So it was on next Thursday that I took part in the qualifying tournament which lasted the whole of Thursday



The last time I took part in chess tournament was way back in early 1980s.

But you know I play chess regularly in Internet.

I won 3 and drew 1 in that four games to get 3.5 points and 2nd position and qualified into the Final this Friday.

On 30 Jan Friday, we fully recovered from that plant walk.

When we drove to Siefa beach, my wife noticed a sign to Wadi Al Maih that we had not the time to go to that day. So we decided to check that place out.

I will write on Wadi Al Maih in the next report and when the photos are fully uploaded on Flickr.


If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice


read a rant I made that you might have missed in

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