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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Visit to Tinkerbell
With some queasy feelings in my stomach.
But tomorrow I will be flying to Taipei, the start of a 3-4 weeks
holiday in Taiwan.

After 3 days in Taipei, I will be going to Chiayi, the true focus of
that trip.

How the reaction of Tinkerbell be to me.

Was told by Yu that Tink knew when he was calling me and would scream
and cry when my number was dialled, she never did that to his other
phone calls.

How will the friendship with Yu, the present caregiver.

Over the phone, I have been told she did not want to take mash and I
dont know her current diet.

How is she being treated and how much can I butt in without affecting
or straining that friendship with Yu.

Heart is in turmoil.

Not likely to be in touch with all of you during that time.

If trip is bad, I am not sure if I want to talk of that either if I
get back either.


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i became ill years back and spent 1 month in a hospital away from my grey, when i returned he was angry with me - i knew he still loved me but he "yelled" after that for two straight years...eventually he stopped but it was a very difficult time for everyone as he was so noisy - this was him expressing anger and also distrust.
consistancy paid off but at the price of now when i leave for a few hours he will yell as i go out the door, but stops when i am out of sight. i had to rebond with him back then.
good luck and safe trip.
Harpo & Deb

Re: words of wisdom

There was an episode where she brooded just like a human being. Really amazing incident that you should read.

You can find that in Tinkerbell original website covering the earlier years we were together. That was "Tinkerbell threw tantrum"

Kind of eerie when I think back of it

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