shanlung (shanlung) wrote,

Why I am in the office in flipflops today (or how my kitty tried to kill me)

(here is a letter I wrote earlier this morning at home to friends)

So here I am on a working day morning (In Muscat, Oman, Thurs/Fri are weekends) at home over this laptop instead of in the office.

All because of my malicious Kathy (photos of horrid Kathy, with equally horrid Dommie in

Last night as I was stepping out into the patio, Kathy was wickedly weaving figure of eights about my ankle doing her best to trip me up to break my neck.

I widened my step and she rushed ahead, and my right foot was about to descend on her head to crush that to a pulp. I recognized that as a classic ploy from her to use one of her 9 lives to cause me to slip. So I widened my widen step a bit more to foil that malicious intent.

And I lost my balance that I tried to regain by swinging my left foot around to catch that by the door. Except instead of catching the door, I caught the edge of the door right against the Achilles tendon and got a cut.

Blood flowed.

It was painful. So painful that visions appeared for a while that I be in Muscat Private Hospital with two of my colleagues already in there.

And she just looked at me. Not the slightest bit of regret could I detect in her eyes. She looked so pleased.

I was going to kill her, and another of her life went down the chute.

I told my wife to withhold Kattie's dinner for that wicked malicious act she did on me.
She went on to feed her. She claimed she was feeding Dommie, but she did not prevent Katie from eating. Dommie even stood by to let Katie eat first.
She stuck a small pink plaster with cute Japanese Pokiemon faces printed on it. Not even a new plaster as she proudly told me she bought that 10 years ago.

Gone are the good old days where wife stay 10 mincing steps behind and all words from husband and lord to be taken to heart and instantly carried out.

I called the office to tell them I could come in sandals but that violate the dress code. My boss was stuck in the most humongous traffic jam and he told me to take it easy at home.

Then to add salt to injury, my wife went on to feed the catties breakfast even ahead of getting my coffee and ham sandwich to me. She vehemently denied that those were her familiars, but I have my suspicions.

This is to put on record in case strange things happen to me, you can help seek justice for me and bring woe to the perps.

(and I just got that phone back from office that dress code will be relaxed for me and that I can go there in flipflops)

(edited on 11 Jan 09 to include the subsequent retribution that fell on horrid Katie a few weeks later thats recorded here
(edited on 8 May 09 to include yet another retribution that fell on horrid Katie

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