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From Muscat and clicker training

Hi again.

I am settling into the office as well as into Muscat.

I had been looking into more permanent accomodation here but I needed to make some mental adjustments. Cost of housing here is a lot less than in Dubai. I was shown what was called a 2 bedroom furnished villa in its own combound costing 1000 Omani Rial or about 3k USD /month. In Dubai, it would have been double that. I thought that would be an ideal for me and my wife until I went to have a look.

It was huge, far too huge for the two of us and for my wife to look after on her own. Which meant I would have to do the bulk of the looking after since we do not like the idea of having maid.

True there were two bedrooms, but there were at least another 6-7 rooms which were not deemed as rooms. I wondered how much would it cost to aircond this villa which include a huge spiral staircase going up two floors.

I found instead a 2bedroom apartment classed as a 2 bedroom penthouse with a lovely roof patio that looked over the sea and beach 300 meters away. It was near my present Midan Hotel. But getting the lease and money send to landlord is a unique experience that I hope to successfully conclude soon so I can move out of the hotel. This lease is for 3 months. Leases are normally by the year. But as my wife will join me hopefully in a couple of weeks or so, I just wanted a short lease to stay in while my wife will look for that more permanent place.

I am into too many birdie forums. From time to time, hits onto Tinkerbell webpage are traced by me to where they came from. And then I might write yet again when that topic is poignant to me.

Such as the one below.

I just added


Hi folks,

This is me writing from Muscat, Oman after a couple of months or so in Dubai and after a long absence from here.

Hits to Tink site from this thread prompted me to revisit here.

With some humble comments I like to add.

It will be a big mistake if we think clicker training is merely a 'Palovian conditioning'. In which case do you accept your entire life and education to be another sort of 'Palovian conditioning'?

It will demean your beastie to be nothing but an conditioned stomach and mouth that you go on to teach 'tricks'. If you hold that mindset, then your reality and what you perceived of the reality WILL be fixed as such in your mind.

And you will forever forgo a wonderful and close relationship with your beasties that can be yours.

And just food for your thoughts. If training is just Palovian food conditioning, why did Tinkerbell and Yingshiong persisted in flying to me and overflying my wife when she clearly had food in her hands trying to distract them and I clearly had empty hands when I called them? Surely they should have gone to the food carrier rather than to me?

Clicker is not important and only a tool. But surely you would like to have a good tool. I am sure you can play good tennis with a wooden racket. But wouldn't you play even better tennis with a good graphit racket?

I find the clicker to be iconic for the training.

When I hold a clicker in the hand, my mind focus to the very moment between me and the beastie. And when my beastie saw that clicker in my hand, they focused on the training there and then raising the awareness to a point of sharpness amost akin to Zen type of awareness.

Indeed, I do not need the clicker. But why should I not use the clicker when it seemed to help so much. And when I talk of a clicker, it can be anything that make a consistent sound, which can be a pen, or tie clip.

I wrote even more in the Tinkerbell webpages.

I tried my best to bring the water to the horses, for the sake of their beasties. Horses cannot be made to drink if they choose not to drink.

If you think of clicker as Palovian conditioning, why not? Perhaps you are right and I just completely wrong.

Warmest regards


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