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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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My last day in Dubai
Today is my last day in Dubai.

Tomorrow I will be flying into Muscat Oman and will be working
on a big project there.

I will need to re-settle in again, look for a suitable villa or apartment , and wait for my wife to join me here.

I need to throw away all the bacon and pork stuff I got in the apartment, but the cans of tuna, sardines and other stuff I will leave behind for the landlord.

In another forum which has nothing to do with birds, I kind of kept a sort of diary. You can get into there and catch up with what I have done, and the temporary apartment that I have had in the Spanish cluster of International city, a development in the middle of the desert of Dubai.

"Intro and tribute to David Gemmell and his books"

Over in Oman, I will be more settled in and hopefully, I be able to write more to keep you folks informed and entertained.

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