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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Intro and tribute to David Gemmell and his books
My first entry into a totally different kind of forum. I guess this is self explanatory


Intro and tribute to David Gemmell and his books

Just two months ago, my universe was that much smaller, soul less troubled and life less colorful even if I thought I lived a pretty rich life.
I read widely and had known of many authors and their books. I liked some of them very much and enjoyed the worlds and universe that they had created.

Then one day I was late in meeting my wife so she went into Borders in Brisbane, Australia to browse. I went in to look for her . As we have had time, and I know I would eventually bump into her, I was looking in the fantasy section.

Too many books came in series nowadays. While I read good authors, bad , mediocre authors abound too. I just finished a Gerald Seymour, one of the most powerful writer that inhabit Earth. His novels were dark and gothic. While extremely spell bounding, your soul will feel drained after one of his book.

So I wanted something different for a change.

I thought of something light, to cleanse and refresh myself first. I wandered looking at the books on display. There were so many to choose from, from those authors I knew and from those I had not read before.

I never heard of David Gemmell before mid March 2008. There was nothing there which stood out After all, so many book covers were so beautifully drawn. I nearly gave his books a miss because there were so many of them. I thought him to be just another mediocre writer churning out paperbacks after paperbacks.

Then I recalled about 2 years before that was the same with Benard Cornwell and his Sharpe series. I was then working and livng in Riyadh where not many English books were sold. I picked one of his books up. I was hooked from that first book. And I went back to buy and buy again and yet again.

But such authors are rare. Many other authors might write a good book, and with good follow up books. Then by the third or fourth, they used the same formula and their writing power tapered off.

So I thought I would give David a try. As I looked into the book, I found Legend to be the first and so I bought that.

Within the first chapter, I liked to believe he was good, but dared not believed he could be that good. Deeper and deeper into that book, I was getting extremely nervous that I was going to complete that book . I had to get another. Then I thought as that was written sometime back, there should be a whole series in 2nd hand book shops that I could get from instead of buying new.

2nd hand bookshops were a bit further away and Borders at Queen Street , Brisbane was in between my work place and home. His third of Drenai series was bought with the 4th. I thought his first book was so good that it could not be bettered. It was not, but his subsequent books were so good. Not only were they good. They were addictive.

I was then on the verge of leaving Brisbane, taking a month off in Taiwan prior to moving to Dubai to work and live here.

I did a brief search of DG and was strickened to find of his recent death.
But the good news was that while I read quite a few of his books then, there were so many more to go. I could not find all his books then in Brisbane. But I got Waylander 1 and 2

His books were so good that it was unreal.

His characters entered into my dreams. Around where I last read before I fell into sleep. Everday I had to read more. Even if just to push other sections into my dreams.

I armtwisted my wife into reading White Wolf. To my delight, she enjoyed that despite her earlier moaning that too many deaths and killings. She would have The Swords of Night and Day to whet her appetite until the boxes from Australia arrived back with 8-9 other DG books.

Then prior coming to Dubai in early May, I feared the bookshops might not be as well stocked as in Singapore. I searched one entire afternoon and bought about 12 more of DG. My only regret now is that I should have bought even more.

I just started with Sword in the Storm of the Rigante series, and I have the Stones of Power Cycle and the Shannow series to go.

Then I started to look for his forums today. I found Science Fiction Fantasy Chronicles forum. Then reading there, I found Legendreaders.
That is why I am here with my intro.

My world is that much richer with that much more magic now that I discovered the worlds of David Gemmell.

And I did not bothered trying with 2nd hand bookstores. Almost all DG books I bought were new.

Warmest regards



editted the next day to include review by Orson Scott Card below

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I just love looking at all the pictures of your various birds - they are stunning.. thank you so much for sharing..

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