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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Continuation of Saturday 10 May 08 Dubai
By the greatest exertion of my will power, I stopped those games of chess. But not before 4 hours went by over those 64 squares. I have subscribed account in another Internet Chess Club and in the Yahoo Games. But it was this

that lost me the most time. My handle there is village-fool. I met so many calling themselves all kind of glorious and fierce titles, claiming to be 'Experts' and 'Professors' that I might as well be the fool.

Many people want to insult and derograte others, but with my handle of village fool, I kind of preemted their insults. After all, how can you insult one who called himself that? And unless they are truly idiotic, a few moves later into the game, they found themselves being dismembered and outclassed regardless of what they called themselves.

I found it very amusing when this player, after making a ludicrous sacrifice at the beginning, went on to 'warned' me that his rating was elo 1700 and that he did that to 'liven' up chess. Elo 1700 was entry level, and that made him kindergarten material compared to me. He was quartered and drawned. As was another who warned me he is a strong player. I wonder how they felt being so badly beaten by a village-fool.

Continuation of Saturday 10 May 08 from last report

I had wanted to leave earlier from Villa Rotana. It was that 'few games of chess' that led to me leaving later than I wanted. I was going to check out a few residential areas such as the Greens, the Meadows, the Gardens , the Discovery Gardens located after Palm Jumeirah. Other residential areas in Dubai were warned to me to have bad traffic jams requiring maybe 2 hours to drive back to.

Much as I wanted to stop to have a good look at Burj Al Arab, I did not have the time. There was just enough time for me to drive over the causeway into Palm Jumeirah. The apartment buildings there seemed to be lifted from some Arabian magic lamp. It was so surrealistic, and yet this Palm will be the smallest of the three Palms.

At 230pm, I was getting hungry. I drove on to Ibn Battutu Mall. The Ibn Battuta Mall is a large shopping mall on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai close to Interchange 6 for Jebel Ali Village. It is named after famous traveller and explorer Ibn Battuta. IB travels and adventures outshined those made by Marco Polo totally.


I have spend time in Hongkong, Taipei, Tokyo and major European cities and seen many shopping malls. This IB Mall was just amazing to walk in even when I do not like shopping malls.

I had my late lunch and went on to drive by those residential districts to get a feel of those places. On weekends, the traffic was light. I reckoned that should I stay in those areas, the travel time to my current work place near DubaiLand might easily be an hour. The prices were breath taking. You can see how high those prices are from the property hunter URL I attached below, which also come with map and residential areas.

I wonder how tough would it be for other people to work and live here in Dubai as I am here on expat terms.

Another important point for me will be the owners of those places will not likely allow us to have our beasties. It became more and more apparent to me the 120km distance to Al Ain if measured in terms of driving time might be more favourable than living in to so-called nearby residential areas of Dubai with their traffic congestions.

It was only today 14 May, that I checked out the distance from office back to Villa Rotana to be 39 km. 15 km from office to junction of the Dubai-Al Ain road, and 24 thereafter to get back. That took 45 minutes.

Al Ain is really looking to be the place for me regardless of that distance.

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