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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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2nd day in Dubai
I spend much of yesterday recovering from the flight here.

The flight was not that bad except that any 2am flight meant you will not get much of a sleep prior to that. And from the time spend in Taipei trying to write as much as I could of events with Tinkerbell, a huge sleep debt accumulated, and paid off yesterday and this morning.

Even so, I still have to write the post Tinkerbell events with my friends in the Eastern side of Taiwan as much for myself.

I am now into a smoking room, as of 4pm of yesterday. I need not had to keep going up to the open air roof swimming pool.

It was early afternoon today when I managed to drag myself away from the room to check out a bit of Dubai.

Temperature here that time was about 38C. It is not that bad as the humidity is surprisingly low. The remmants of the dust storm still hung in the air as a thin haze. Not as bad as those in Saudi Arabia.

Took a cab to go to the gold souk and the older quarters at Deira by Dubai Creek. That is the waterfront where huge wooden dhows laden with goods sailed back and forth to Iran and nearby coastal regions.

That place brought a rush of memories from my days in Riyadh. Narrow streets, with lots of guys in their white or yellow brown kuttas from Pakistan. The smell of spices and perfumes permeate the air. The main difference here is that girls and women were going about shopping and doing their thing. They were dressed casually, not like in Riyadh where they were totally covered in black, if they were out at all in the first place.

Had a tasty lunch of two shawarma, one chicken and other beef and with freshing squeezed juice of pomegrante to wash them down. Juice = 10 dirham and 2 shawarma = 8 dirham

Came back at 5 pm and wasted another hour in Internet chess. Went to rooftop for a swim and back again on chess.

Went for dinner in a small local restuarant of chinese fried rice for 14 d. Did not realised Pakistanis can do such nice Chinese fried rice. They had grilled chicken grilling nicely outside with a queen cat on the floor. She startled when I went to her, but she quickly realised I like cats.

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