shanlung (shanlung) wrote,

touching down in Dubai

I left Singapore early this morning on that 2 am flight, touching down in Dubai at 5 am this morning. Dubai is 4 hours behind.

I am booked into Villa Rotana for a month, its a kind of service apartment with gym and swimming pool on the 5 level roof. I was up there earlier looking at the rooftops of this part of Dubai. Visibility of about 2 km or so as there is a lingering dust storm.

Much of the site reminded me of Riyadh. Low level compound houses around. But as this is Dubai, a forest of very high buildings are now rising from the ground, many in the process of being built.

I am waiting for them to shift me to a smoking unit rather than this smokefree apartment that they checked me into. They promised by noon I will be in another apartment for me to smoke to mmy heart content.

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