shanlung (shanlung) wrote,

Quiet day prior to going to Chiayi

It was a grey sky when I woke up early this morning. But as the heart was so happy to be back again, I thought that must have been the heavily tinted double glass window. It was almost traditional for us to have our favourite breakfast of salty beancurds with the delicious hsiaolung tang pao or little pork dumplings with tasty soup inside the dumplings itself. Taken with ginger and vinegary soy sauce, those dumplings will explode in the mouth with a flavour that bring you close to heaven. I also like to go and see and join my old friends in the SunYatsen Memorial going through the taijichuan exercises. I started with them in 1990 when I first came to Taiwan. It was only when Tinkerbell came into my life that I stop going to join them on a regular basis.

I dragged my poor wife out of bed so as not to waste time.

When we got out of the hotel, I found the sky was grey and overcast and it was not caused by the tinted windows of the room. By the time we crossed the road, rain poured down. The rain continued to pour down after we had that breakfast. Rainy days are much the norm in Taiwan. I am used to changing plans to suit the weather be that in Taiwan or anywhere else.

Maybe I was too irritatingly perky to have woken up so early this morning. Much as I love Taiwan and Taipei, a wet rainy morning with most places closed (other than breakfast places) was not the best time to do a walkabout. We went back to the hotel after breakfast to continue sleeping.

By lunch time, the sky cleared. My wife wanted to go shopping that I happily agreed to as long as I need not have to go with her.

I went instead to my blind masseur friend at Tamshui for another masochistic session under his fingers of steel. Even though my muscles were not knotted the way they were the last time I saw him, he still found parts of me that he worked his magic on.

Then in the evening, we went to the night market at LuoHer Jia just opposite the hotel to enjoy all the traditional titbits that Taiwan had to offer.

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