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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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A baby Tinkerbell on the Gold Coast
It was on 31 Jan 08 that I got this email from Lisa that I got to know of yet another Tinkerbell who is a Congo African Grey that fly. Unlike my Tinkerbell thousands of miles away from me, this Tinkerbell lived just an hour away down the Gold Coast.

She wrote of her other cockatiels, her Alex, 2 Eclectus and 2 rainbow lorikeets.

And that
“All our birds are free to fly from room to room. We have a patio out the front which we enclosed into a cage and a bbq area out the back which we also enclosed with tough screening , on the side of this bbq area is another outdoor aviary which a sliding door it can be accessed.They all fly in and out at their own will .”

She so kindly wrote “You are very welcome to our home. You can come and cuddle my Tinkerbell as I know you will be sadly missing your darling.”

We got in touch with email and phonecalls and that Saturday of 9th Feb 2008 was when we met. That was a beautiful day after the uncharacteristic weeks of rain we had in Queensland. It was a wonderful one-and-a-half hour drive there. The drive was great as I decided to be the driver instead of that other self inflicted role of trying to teach my wife to drive. That extra half hour of drive should tell you of the navigational ability of my wife. She is better at taking photos than she is at navigating.
Her photos of this visit in “A baby Tinkerbell on the Gold Coast”

We were warmly welcomed into her home and family. She had her SO Kevin and one of her daughters and a small black terrier there.

Her letter had prepared me mentally already. But being there and actually seeing and feeling the boisterous interactions of all her flighted birds with each other, and with us spread that emotional warmth into me as well.

You all know that I only have had one flighted bird living with me at any one time. When that day comes when I know I will not move on and can commit to creature companions, Lisa’s setup will be what I would have in that home sweet home of my dream. A big living area to share and live with flighted birds and adjacent big aviaries that they can be kept in during those times when huge lidless pots of water and oil are on the boil.

Her daughter had friends with her and they seem to be able to go in and out to their swimming pool at the back without any signs that the birds trying to sneak out. Lisa also had two Japanese students staying with her.

Tinkerbell was so sweet whether she was on me or flying about. Gabbie the female Eckky was not ready to fly yet. She decided to fledge when Lisa thought she wasn’t going to. When Gabbie was recovered after the flurry of posters and phone calls, Lisa got Gabbie back with her wings already clipped. Nothing Lisa could say as that clipping was done in good faith, and with Gabbie recovery, anything can be forgiven.

Those Eckkies were talking up a storm. In between flying to Lisa or stepping up onto me and my wife. Her Alex Max was much more aloof. I have this fondness of Alexandrines. This started when I was in NZ and got to know the Alex Dino of Jennifer. The graceful delicate bobbing up and down flights of Alexes compensate for their shyness and reluctance to step up for me.
Lisa was also into clicker training. Although she might even disagree that was training as it was so much fun.

Her tiels had 3 tiny chicks. From time to time, mummy tiel flew back to the nest box to feed them.

The hours passed too quickly by and we had to say our goodbyes and go. My wife drove on through winding roads without giving me too much undue excitement to this little town on the border of Queensland and NSW. This town was celebrating the birthday of Bob Marley with a street party on their one and only main street. The pastoral beauty and hills surrounding this town and the people there made it a delight to go to and stay over a night or two. We drove back to Brisbane the next day.

I regret to inform all that the friendly butcher bird who used to fly into our living room to sing to us and who touched me so much is no longer with us. My wife told me that he became a road kill just next to our apartment. I was hoping so much that she was mistaken. But a week has gone by and only the shy one is flying over to us.

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This morning just before our planned drive up to Bunya Mountains, the friendly butcher bird flew and sang to us for his mince.

I am so happy my wife was mistaken. She then told me the baby pied magpie was not seen the last week either. I guess she could not bear to have a good look at the road kill to make proper identification. And both the pied magpie and butcher bird (especially since they moulted out of their earler browns) look similar as road kill

I don't know if you took your journal down for a bit or what happened but I was thinking of you and Tink and looked to see if you had updated and realized you were no longer on my friends list...I hope you do not mind if I re-add you :) I so love your stories about all your adventures.

This baby tinkerbell is gorgeous...I am so glad you got to go there and spend time with her and all the other parrots. One of my four parrots is an Eclectus and she is truly the bird of my heart :)

Hey guys, SOOOOO glad the butcher bird is still alive and visiting you. great news.
Tink is getting more gorgeous everyday and more demanding (if that was possible). She is talking and gabbling a lot , she has just started making the microwave beep , so cute.
One of the baby tiels fledged this morning for the first time (the lutino)We also found out that the youngest one is going to be albino (pure white with red eyes) , shes gorgeous. Gabbie hasnt stopped talking this morning , been going for about 2 hours on and on about how shes a good girl , a big girl , a gorgeous girl, what ya doing big girl, come on come on, i love you, etc.

talk soon love Lisa

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