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Tinkerbell Agony and Ecstasy - as seen by my wife

Tinkerbell Agony and Ecstasy - as seen by my wife

I still have not gotten all I wanted to do that write up as to how Tinkerbell
got back to us. Some aspects I fear might never be clearly known. But enough
is known that formed a fascinating web of chances and coincidences.

In the meantime, my wife wrote the events as seen from her viewpoint, some part not
mentioned by me in my report. Such as the first night of Tinkerbell stay under the trees,
I was going to spend the night by the tree under her. She also finish uploading the rest of the photos and videos of the search and other stuff.

My wife account can be read at

Birds: How many lives do parrots have?

The search chronicles are mostly in the Bantianyan search set:

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