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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Horray!! Tinkerbell back with the Yu family again

I just got email from MeiMei , Yu's little girl.

I then called Mr Yu over the phone.

Thank you all for all the prayers that you made.

Tinkerbell had been found by a family at Bantienyen this morning. They recalled my posters and my calling and calling for her.

They got in touch with Mr Yu and that horrid Tinkerbell is back with the Yu family again. She was taken out to have her favourite fried beef noodles (only noodles allowed to her).

I almost want to fly back to Taiwan just to give Tink the scolding of her life.

Light returned to my life.


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More Details will come later

As you can imagine, I was so happy and heart in mouth
and stomach in throat that I was unable to ask anything
coherently during the phone conversation with Mr Yu. At that
time, he and family were taking Tink out to dine with them at
her (and my) favourite beef noodle restaurant.

I settled sufficiently down now, and I will be calling
on Mr Yu for all the details, as well as the phone and name of
the lastest family who entered into Tinkerbell immediate extended family
as her rescuers.
I think I need even more details that only they can provide.

I guess that I can write another 'In retrospect' that will provide
double locks on the barn door. That would never be written if Tink
did not come home.

Re: More Details will come later

I am so glad to read that Tinkerbell is home again! And, yes, we want all the details on how she was returned to the Yu family! What an adventure she must have had-she is a very lucky bird to be home again!

Gini and the BIRDIEBREAD Crowd

Re: More Details will come later

You and Tinkerbell were in the prayers of millions around the world. I jumped for joy when I read she had been found. This is a day you and many of us will remember for a long time... A day to celebrate! Welcome home Tinkerbell!

Kathie from the US

Re: More Details will come later

I read your journals about once a month and my heart broke for Tinkerbell when I read she was lost. I am very happy to read that she has been found.

www.SecondChanceBirds.com (http//:www.SecondChanceBirds.com)

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