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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Horray!! Tinkerbell back with the Yu family again

I just got email from MeiMei , Yu's little girl.

I then called Mr Yu over the phone.

Thank you all for all the prayers that you made.

Tinkerbell had been found by a family at Bantienyen this morning. They recalled my posters and my calling and calling for her.

They got in touch with Mr Yu and that horrid Tinkerbell is back with the Yu family again. She was taken out to have her favourite fried beef noodles (only noodles allowed to her).

I almost want to fly back to Taiwan just to give Tink the scolding of her life.

Light returned to my life.


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The longed-for email just arrived.. and I am soooooooooo happy to know that our TINKERBELL IS HOME!!!

So, no more believing the worst.. no more allowing people to give you bad karma and say it is over...


Shanlung and Joy (and the Yu family, of course) are happy, Happy, HAPPY again!

(and happy again, are Tinkerbell's world-wide family!)

Now we just need to get Mr Yu to lift Tink's tail and spank her little feathered booty and then get her to write out a hundred times.. "Tink will come back when called and never turn her family's hair grey again!"

sheesh... the little madam...

never before did a bird have such an enormous following.

and maybe Mr Yu found new friends through this new adventure of Tink's?

Looking forward to reading how they found her etc. ;-)

Warm regards,

Lynne UK (sitting at the computer, with a smile about a mile wide)

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