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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Horray!! Tinkerbell back with the Yu family again

I just got email from MeiMei , Yu's little girl.

I then called Mr Yu over the phone.

Thank you all for all the prayers that you made.

Tinkerbell had been found by a family at Bantienyen this morning. They recalled my posters and my calling and calling for her.

They got in touch with Mr Yu and that horrid Tinkerbell is back with the Yu family again. She was taken out to have her favourite fried beef noodles (only noodles allowed to her).

I almost want to fly back to Taiwan just to give Tink the scolding of her life.

Light returned to my life.


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The longed-for email just arrived.. and I am soooooooooo happy to know that our TINKERBELL IS HOME!!!

So, no more believing the worst.. no more allowing people to give you bad karma and say it is over...


Shanlung and Joy (and the Yu family, of course) are happy, Happy, HAPPY again!

(and happy again, are Tinkerbell's world-wide family!)

Now we just need to get Mr Yu to lift Tink's tail and spank her little feathered booty and then get her to write out a hundred times.. "Tink will come back when called and never turn her family's hair grey again!"

sheesh... the little madam...

never before did a bird have such an enormous following.

and maybe Mr Yu found new friends through this new adventure of Tink's?

Looking forward to reading how they found her etc. ;-)

Warm regards,

Lynne UK (sitting at the computer, with a smile about a mile wide)

My heartfelt happiness

Shanlung, I am so happy for you! You are one lucky man!

Sweet Marie

Thank God!

Hi Shanlung

This is Tiki from Brisbane. I am so happy to hear this news! The prodigal bird has returned! Woo hoo! If you haven't been there already, I will let the Perchies who have been praying for you know the good news!


Thank you for letting us all know the wonderful news! Many prayers have been answered. Welcome home Tink!


Great news :o)

Dear Shanlung.
It warms my heart to hear that Tinkerbell is back with the Yu family again.

Please don't think about scolding her, it's enough that she is back where she belong without any harm have been done to her life.

Love Ditte

I am very happy for you!

what a wonderful news, that Tinkerbell is found!!!
Bye from the Netherlands, Ellen

Re: I am very happy for you!

hello Shanlung I am soooo happy to hear that Tinkerbell is back home safe and sound. I have tears in my eyes as I type knowing the feeling of loss and sometimes the feeling of happiness at getting a bird back.

Congratulations and lets hope it never happens again.

Tracey (aka Vankarhi)

Tink is home!

This is some of the best news I've heard in a long, long time. I am SO happy for you, Tinkerbell, and the Yu family. Congratulations!

I am so happy for you

I am so glad your prayers and all those of your friends all around the world have been answered.

I am deeply relieved and happy for you and yours!

the return of the errant child


What wonderful news.

I am anxiously awaiting the story of how Tinkerbell found her way home.

Please don't keep us on the edge of our seats for too long.


More Details will come later

As you can imagine, I was so happy and heart in mouth
and stomach in throat that I was unable to ask anything
coherently during the phone conversation with Mr Yu. At that
time, he and family were taking Tink out to dine with them at
her (and my) favourite beef noodle restaurant.

I settled sufficiently down now, and I will be calling
on Mr Yu for all the details, as well as the phone and name of
the lastest family who entered into Tinkerbell immediate extended family
as her rescuers.
I think I need even more details that only they can provide.

I guess that I can write another 'In retrospect' that will provide
double locks on the barn door. That would never be written if Tink
did not come home.

Re: More Details will come later

I am so glad to read that Tinkerbell is home again! And, yes, we want all the details on how she was returned to the Yu family! What an adventure she must have had-she is a very lucky bird to be home again!

Gini and the BIRDIEBREAD Crowd

Re: More Details will come later

You and Tinkerbell were in the prayers of millions around the world. I jumped for joy when I read she had been found. This is a day you and many of us will remember for a long time... A day to celebrate! Welcome home Tinkerbell!

Kathie from the US

Re: More Details will come later

I read your journals about once a month and my heart broke for Tinkerbell when I read she was lost. I am very happy to read that she has been found.

www.SecondChanceBirds.com (http//:www.SecondChanceBirds.com)

Tinkerbell Home!!!

This just proves the point that you can't be a quitter. It would have been so easy to give up the search with the odds not in your favor, but you perservered. Congratulations on having her back.

Re: Thank God that Tinkerbell is safe

I can not express in words the happiness my heart felt when I read your words that Tinkerbell was ok. God bless each and everyone of you and especially to the family who returned her safely. Such a happy occasion this is.

Your friend, Judy (Petlovers.com)

Tinkerbell Home

I am extremely happy to learn of Tinkerbells return.
Let's hope she remains a good girl from now on and not frighten her world wide family so!

Love and Best Wishes

and the details of that rescue

and the details of that rescue
Tinkerbell - Rescue at Bantienyen
Warmest regards


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