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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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25 Dec - Lantang Lake with Tinkerbell
The time now is 905 pm on 25 Dec and I am now writing on events of 25 Dec today. A most unusual event as normally I had to write one or two days behind and at a most unearthly time like way past midnight fighting sleepiness.

Much of this morning was spend in trying to get this blog up to date recordning events of 23 Dec. We only got out of the house with Tinkerbell at around 11 am as a result.

It was so pleasing to be able to finally get on the road. With my wife Joy sitting behind me and Tinkerbell in front. She looked so lovely sitting in front on her perch as we slowly made our way to Langtang lake.

We had to drop in by the drink shop that specialised in the star fruit drink made to their family traditional secret recipe. The proprietress greeted me with delight. I was a fervent patron of their stall ever since Mr Yu first introduced me there. And on each return to be with Tinkerbell, they all would see me there again. Each time I being there, I had been embarassed by the extras that they gave to me under the guise of samples.

If you are in love with the star fruit drink, I cannot imagine any other variation could ever be better than what this stall made. If ever you are in Chiayi city and like to try that please see this flickr photo and the address written in Chinese in the caption

Yes, we went to this stall the first day we came back to Chiayi. But 23 Dec had too many events to write about as you had seen.

My wife Joy started the uploads of photos into Flickr. You can see that in her photostream.

We then went to my favourite spot by the LangTang lake. I just love to see Tinkerbell sitting and moving about on her perch in front of me. From time to time, she fluffed her head feathers. Or squealed to me nodding her head indicating she wanted her beak rubs. It felt so much better this time. Earlier times had been less observed. When we were all living in Chiayi that time and we thought we would live there forever, those actions from Tinkerbell seemed trivial as we thought we would see that forever.

Then in the two earlier trips when I came back, time felt so short and the knowing that we had to part made all that so poignant and bittersweet that it was painful to be too happy.

Today I enjoyed that knowing that I will continue to enjoy such times with Tinkerbell whenever I be back again.

We reached there, parked the bike and walked down the path to the platform by the lake edge.

Tink was placed on the railing for her to preen. We brought takeaway lunches with us to picnic away. I portioned out her share.

From time to time, Tink signalled she was bored by flying to my backpack trying to ripped that apart. I had to liven her up by doing recalls.

This was the first major recall exercises since I came back on this trip. Tinkerbell did extremely well. But again, the recalls were done over relatively short distances, starting from 5 meters to not more than 20 meters.

A couple of times, Tink accepted the sunflower seeds offered as rewards. Most of the time she just refused those seeds. She was not very motivated by food.

Even if it was not cold at all despite it being Dec 25 and deep into winter, the day was shorter and getting dark. We had to leave. We have so many days ahead of us here.

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