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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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24 Dec - Riding bike with Tink in Chiayi
I think this blog can even catch up with the events. Too much happened on that first day on reaching Chiayi and Tink and friends that I needed to write about such as Zorro and Halftail. That could not be written all on one day as time to write was so short.

Friends such as Wendy wrote to me wondering if that meant I be seeing less of Tink. On the contrary, I will be seeing her and Yu and friends as much as I had done before. It is an exquisite pleasure to be with Tink and will be even more so without that kind of pain of the past. Thats what is meant by total healing and final closure. The bond and joy is very much there, but without the gnawing yearning of a road that never be.

At one time, I thought perhaps it would have been better if Tink had died and gave the most final of final closure. I have read of people who put to sleep their pets when they could not take them with them and had been so worried that the pets happiness suffered in hands of others who they feared might not look after them that well. In such pain of separation, I cannot find it in my heart to chastise them. Such pain can be immensely difficult to bear and that surely affect the mind and decisions made.

But in my case, the friendship extended to me in Taiwan, and the delight of friends and Tinkebell to be with me again soothed and finally healed the hurt that was in me.

She will always be my Tinkerbell, but I am so happy that she is also so happy and that we can and we will see each other over and over again.

Yu offered me the use of his car as he was happily in his factory executing the orders that he have on his book. I preferred to use the old motor scooter to potter about with Tink in front and wife behind unless the distance we were going was too great.

Since his youngest son and daughter had day off from school, my wife and I were to take them to the nice swimming complex here that was made in a style unique to Taiwan. There were piping hot pools and warm pools to loll in and relax somewhat like those in saunas I described in earlier visits. Except that since the crowd was mixed, swim suits had to be worn.

But we had the morning to us. My wife and I love the mi gou, a traditional breakfast of sticky rice cooked with savoury pork. And yes! Tink love that too. So we went off to that shop near where we used to live. The proprietor and staff were so happy to see us back again. They all knew we came back to be with Tink even if I told them I came back just to see them and eat their wonderful breakfast.

We then pop into my old optician. I sat on my glasses when I was in Australia and over there, they wanted to charge me 5000 NT to fix it. In Chiayi, that was done for me in 20 minutes and cost me 500 NT (about US1 to 30NT). At that kind of cost, I made another spare. Same with me wife who was flabbergasted by the difference in cost with whats quoted in Australia.

We then went for slow ride with Tinkerbell along the padi fields and side streets of Chiayi. Those videos are being uploaded right now by my wife Joy as I blog this now. Here is one

Many more videos were taken but uploading here from Yu's house is slow.

Then it was time to be back to take the kids out.

The afternoon was happily spend with them as you recalled that I promised to teach all of them to swim. The daughter missed out earlier as she had an accident with a bad cut to her leg and could not go into the pool.

The weather changed rapidly here. The fine weather in morning changed to dark sky and rain. So it was all for the better that we were in the warm and hot pools enjoying ourselves instead of in the rain. Tink was in her own flight room and with many happy days ahead of us.

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