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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Continuation of 23 Dec - Tinkerbell -Total Healing and Final Closure
Morning of 25 Dec 915 pm.

Woke up late as was up late trying to blog as much as I could last night.

Merry Christmas to all of you reading this.

This is still on the events of 23 Dec and we were having our dinner and drinks in the courtyard of the farm up the slope of Alishan mountain. Before coming on this trip, I was a bit worried that of the bitter sweet pain of coming here.

But actually, at first sight of Yu family and Tinkerbell coming to pick us from the High Speed Rail Station at Chiayi, I was just plain happy and delighted to see ALL of them again.

During the dinner where we ate and Zorro and Halftail was being told, Tinkerbell was placed on a waist high wall. Then Mr Wu picked up a fish head remarking he was going to feed a cat and walking towards Tinkerbell. I instantly got up to rush to Tink as the knowing of a cat in proximity of Tink set off all the alarms. I was fast but Yu was like greased lightning and was with Tink already. It turned out to be a small kitten perhaps 5 months old, but even so, it was un-nerving.

It showed the total attachment Yu had developed with Tink as there can be no other way Yu was that quick.

Tink had this preference for head rubs in the evening. You have seen that in that head shot photo of the two of us where she would half close her eyes snuggling to my cheek for headrubs.

Tink was on Yu's shoulder after that kitty incident. She goo goo goo asking for her headrubs from Yu. That was a very sweet moment to see the two of them so affectionate to each other. I felt no bitterness at all. In fact, that that very point, I felt myself to be totally healed from the pain of separation with Tinkerbell. That was when I knew from my heart and soul that I acheived final closure.

I was so happy for both of them. Tinkerbell will always be in my heart, but not with pain any more. My healing was complete.

I knew I can happily have another parrot in my life at a later stage. That might be a grey or Eckky or 2s. That will not be a replacement as nothing can replace Tink. That will also be very unkind to them as any future companion will be enjoyed without the need of any comparison with Tink.

I then experimented just to confirm what I already knew. I got Tink to step up and transferred to my shoulder. She stood there with a frozen expression. I told her I liked to head rub her and she remained frozen. I raised my hand slowly and Tink just as slowly moved her head out of range.

Joy and I laughed. It was so obvious. Tink was then returned to Yu's shoulder where she happily recieved head rubs.

Tink in unmistakable ways recognised and was delighted to see me again today as well as subsequently on the following days. But just as clearly, she healed showered by the affections she received from the Yus and she moved on with her life.

And in the same way, I can move on ahead with the rest of my life.

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