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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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Continuation of 23 Dec - Halftail story
Continuation of 23 Dec

reported now at 25 Dec midnight.

Wu then related Halftail to me.

You seen how beautiful Halftail was when I visited Taiwan in Nov 06.

He and his whole family adored Halftail. Wu's daughter was the closest to that beautiful cat.

Halftail had her own cat door for her to come and go. HT even had her cat window as well. She would leave the house after lovingly greeting all of them to do her own thing. But she would be back again in late morning and would come promptly when called. HT was well known in that neighbourhood. She was good with all that knew her and would shy away from strangers.

Then in June 07, she did not come back from her lunch. Wu's daughter raised the alarm and went searching and calling for HT. To be joined by the rest of the Wu's family and half the neighbourhood who missed her. HT was never found.

That was the only consolation they had, that Halftail was not ran over by car or bike.

They concluded that some #$%&$@#(*& catnapped Halftail breaking their hearts. They only hope that Halftail will be loved and cared for by whichever low life that taken her

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