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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

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23 Dec - The meeting with Tinkerbell
We caught the 10am High Speed Train from Taipei and reached Chiayi at 1130am. I was working on this project and it was gratifying to finally see the final outcome today. In the past, that train ride to Chiayi would have taken 7-8 hours.

Mr Yu and family and Tinkerbell was there to greet and pick us up. Yu related that Tink knew I was coming to see her today and was extremely agitated the whole morning and during the ride to pick us up. Tink was on her ring in the car, bowed her head with semi closed eyes when I asked her if I could give her headrubs. She then jumped off from her ring to my shoulder. I thought that was so good of her. Until she started to chew off the buttons of my shirt as if there was no tomorrow. I guess the good shirt I wore joined the other chewed up Tinkerbell shirts I had.

I knew I could not stay in the chinese SanWengNahs (24 hour saunas ) as I did in the past as my wife was with me this time. We planned to stay in motel nearby. Yu insisted so strongly that we stayed with him that any disagreement on my part would be very offensive to his hospitality.

When we reached his house, I took off Tink harness. At first she flew to a high door sill to preen a bit. Then a few minutes later, she flew of her own accord to my shoulder. Accepted head rubs and then she had another go at my shirt buttons.

Continued later as I am just so tired now at 11pm

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