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An Update as to now

An update.

Come 20 Dec 07, me and my wife will fly off to Taiwan to be with sweet Tink again to mid Jan.

With the last farewell to Yingshiong, me and my wife decided its just too
agonising to have to say goodbyes to creatures.

No birds will get inside unless it is fried, curried or roasted.

But wild beasties do befriend us.

At first, only crows and bush turkeys came regularly
for the food I set for birds. The earlier flock of
crows that I disliked swarming about the food dishes
resolved itself to a single crow that condescend to
patronising us. I do like this particular crow that
you can see in video later.

We called the crow Princess Mononoke

And if you have not seen above, do yourself a BIG
favour and see that movie.

PM was given that name because she did this sound of
one of the Kodamas (forest spirits) in that movie. We
hung stuff in boxes that needed to be pull up feet
over beak like Tinkerbell pulling up target stick on
chain. PM did that after a few minutes and was the
only crow here that did that. PM is still painfully
shy and extremely wary, but less so of my wife. But
then, I had to leave for office too early in morning.
Placing food for PM to pull up (video in above) became
a ritual for us.

If I have more time later on, I will go into formal
clicker training with wild creatures and see if that
will be the bridge into deeper relationships with them
to go beyond a bribe provider.

Rainbow Lorikeets still fly about the trees across the
road. I have yet to prepare the special food required
for them to try to entice them to us.

Two butcher birds that I mistakenly called currawongs
are regular friends. One friendly and the other still
very shy. The friendly one will fly through the open
door to sing to me to announce his presence and will
take mince from my hand. The shy one refused to take
from my hand.

A pied magpie is another regular caller on my
verandah, a most beautiful and elegant creature. He
apparently talk as captured by my wife in her videos

Photos of birds coming to my feeders

Bush tail possums came for their nightly feedings, a
one eyed possum and what I call 'mother and child'. I
was pleased that the possums will spook and run
away when other people walked on the foot path 30-40
feet away. Yet the possums accepted us sitting a foot
away from them. And just a few weeks ago, the child
allowed me to stroke his back as well. His mom got
used to me a while back already.

Photos of bushtail possums at my veranda and allowing
me stroking them

Video of me stroking the possums are also in above.

My wife keep a blog and update that a lot more
regularly than I ever did that perhaps you might like
to read as well. If you think you are a bad learner
driver, you have not known my wife yet. I think
driving instructors might even pay my wife not to
engage them as driving instructor. After all, I am
willing to continue to pay them to minimise stress on
myself in teaching her how to drive. She is a lot
better with birds and creatures than she is behind the

Warmest regards


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