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Update as to now

A letter that I recently send out, or variation of, to various forums as updates.

Even more recent updates in my wife's journal of our life here in Brisbane



From mountain top where we can see forever


And valleys dotted with hotsprings in between the mountains


And village in Southen Taiwan, Kenting where she flew to me in force 7 crosswinds


And to seashores such as this in Green Island off Taiwan, another magical nook of paradise that much of the whole world do not know.

Hi folks,
I am sorry to have been away from here so long. Hits from here to Tinkerbell pages brought me back here again , thanks to Robert for reviving this thread.
From time to time, I get distracted into other parrot sites elsewhere in English and non English speaking countries.
Robert is correct that more people are free flying their parrots in America under very controlled conditions. And more are taking or seriously considering taking their parrots out in harness now.
I am happy for this change in mindset.
It was so lonely at the beginning, where I was treated almost as a pariah for thinking of letting my Tinkerbell fly. Then when I took her out and experimented with harness, I was literally an outcast as you can see in my earlier letters.
Now I know I am not alone anymore. Mr Yu takes Tinkerbell out regularly to fly in her harness. At least a couple of Russians, a Spainard, some French are doing that with Tink harnesses.
Hopefully even more are doing that, or allowing their parrots to fly at home.
What I have done with Tink is about the most documented on record on taking your parrot out safely. I be happy if any of you can prove me wrong and tell me of a website which is as detailed or better than Tinkerbell website.
Should you folks find it to be too overwhelming, perhaps you might find the summary below to be a better start.
"Harness for flighted parrots - To Nick and folks"
Harness for Trish - and to Michelle and other readers here
After you read above, perhaps you might agree what I have done might not be that difficult after all and within your reach too.
And you go on to inspire your friends and others to do what you have done.
A few other things had happen since I was last here.
In my second letter here, I wrote
[i]Perhaps you might like to read the following URL too, as to why I am now in Brisbane. With that, I hope you understand why I did not put Brisbane as my location.[/i]
That was written back in Nov 06 where I prepared contigency plans for Yingshiong.
We decided that my wife will join me here.
It was another painful goodbye that I had to say to Yingshiong. That was on the 7 May 07. I flew back to Singapore to be with him, and then to hand him over to the Jurong Bird Park.
Tha was painful even if not of the magnitude when I first had to say goodbye to Tinkerbell. I was lucky in that I flew back to Brisbane on that same evening. My wife was left in Singapore for a few weeks to be surrounded by YS things and the silence in the apartment.
The only way to prevent that is to close our hearts entirely. Then there will be no pain, and no beauty or magic either.
You can read those last few days with Yingshiong in here. (warning, not happy reading)
The leaving of Tink is more than a throbbing hurt. Much of my life still evolve
around her. When I went to work in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, I was hoping that would lead me back to Taiwan. Then I realised that was not going to be the case and my wife understandably refused to live with me in Saudi Arabia. I could not fly back to Taiwan to see Tink and ignore seeing my wife.
Thats why I am now in Brisbane down under. Where my wife is willing to come and live with me here. We can both
visit Taiwan together as Tink is her daughter too.
My wife is here for a month already. We just shifted out a couple days ago from my old flat to another with a balcony at least where I can interact with birds and beasts.
After YS, we decided we cannot cope with another farewell.
I promised my wife the only birdies that get into the apartment will be grilled, fried or curried.
I hope to make friends with the lorikeets , or pied magpies or anything else outside in the balcony. They first might be attracted by food I place out for them. Then perhaps one might chose to be my companion and bonded with clicker training with me.
Hopefully, future partings with the wild birds might not be so traumatic on us.
I also found some other photos on YS in my wife laptop.
Three are below. I hope you enjoy them. More are in

And Robert, with shama I am still very sadly alone despite my writing all that I can on what I done with YS. No others yet gotten a male shama to land on them, even those raised from eggs not to talk of an old wild caught shama.

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