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On footless CAGs and retiring Don Quixote

 At    Grey Connection

I got to know Kathy with a footless CAG the other day. 

I wrote:

There is this other footless CAG called T kept by JC.
I can not give full details as I had not cleared it
with JC yet.

T was nearly put down but JC took him in because of
what she read of me and Tinkerbell and corresponded
with me at early stage. We decided T be allowed to
fledge and fly, which he did. As with any flighted
bird, training for recalls and bonding became
paramount importance.

To cut a long story short, T became much more mobile
than fully footed CAGs and bonded incredibly well with

Perhaps you should consider this option too.


Kathy came back with

Thanks so much for the suggestion.  At this time Banjo is flighted. I
felt it was important for balance, mobility and confidence.  I have
absolutely no idea how to do recall with Banjo..  I have been reading the
comments about keeping blind Tiny Tim flighted or not with great
  Banjo has started to do fright flights if I am too forward.  So I
think I need to sit back and just relax a bit with him.  I used to be able
to move him in his little cage to other places in the house and he
could come out when he was ready.  Now in his new larger cage he does not
have a way to come out on his own.  I guess I need to fix that.
  When he flies, he flies fast, really fast.  I am concerned about his
ability to choose to land somewhere rather that stopping by bashing
into something. I am afraid he will hurt himself before he decides he has
control  Twice he has landed on a shelf, though rather abruptly.
  So it is a learning process, and I am open to suggestions.
  Kathy and Banjo

By then, JC replied to me sending her regards to Kathy and allowed me to mentioned her

I then wrote off  to Grey Connection

Hi Kathy,

Ms Jean Clark and her Tigger send you and Banjo her
regards. She will be happy to discuss with you on her
experience with Tigger.

You might like to see how Tigger is in

In that folder, the earlier photos showed Tigger as a
20 day old chick to later photos with Tigger in

If you have a flighted parrot, there are a few things
that you must do to avoid tragedy.

You have to birdproof your house.  You MUST TRAIN your
Banjo to do recalls.  That training will also develope
that very important bond and mutual understanding
between you and your Banjo.

The training will not be difficult at all.  I will be
happy to help you with that. 

You should read
Tinkerbell Legacy, or Part 2 in Tinkerbell main page

You should read the rants on birdproofing the house,
the mentality of parrot and clicker training.  Then
the final part 'Bringing it all together'

Clicker training is important.  You should also go
into Part 1 - Early Period and read 'Some thoughts on
clicker training' and 'clicker training and bonding'

Kathy, you are not alone. You and Banjo have the
goodwill of all who know you.



Retiring Don Quixote

I wrote a while ago in Goodbye to Dragons about Wikipedia.

raz <raz@...> wrote:
> Hi Shanlung -- That's great you've taken the time to contribute to the
> wikipedia entry for Greys.   And that you finally prevailed in getting
> links included on Tinkerbell and flighted parrots.  I honestly think
> most people don't know flight training is even an option with parrots.
> (It's just magic that they do at zoo shows y'know.)   I wonder what
> be doing with Carly now if you hadn't posted to one of the Grey lists
> last year with a link to Tink's site in the signature.  I had no idea
> it was possible before that.
> raz

Ha ha  ha ha!

My dear optimistic Raz!

I got kicked out of Wikipedia African Grey Parrots.  By anonymous
entities and others who pride on ' you do not need to know the subject
matter ' to decide what links are to be included and by outright lies
that Tinkerbell site is a commercial site.  Clear commercial site have
been left there INTACT.



They need not give any reasons, or just lie through their teeth to chop
site they disliked.

So my lone voice and link there that you can live with a flighted
parrot is gone.

Any new comers into the parrot world will read the trash that all
parrots are to be clipped and keeping them in cages where their wings
do not touch the side and head do not touch top and tail do not touch
botttom won the day.


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