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soap boxes

I go about from forums to forums in no consistent manner.

And of course, still in Wikipedia as your Don Quixote. Must be the masochism in me!

Here are some snippets


From: "Daphne" <daphne.duncan@...>
Date: Tue Mar 13, 2007 3:53 am
Subject: Re: Goodbye to dragons daphneduncan
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Dear Shanlung...

It is always a wonderful treat to receive one of your emails. I do hope you have started writing your autobiography or perhaps a so have a wonderful way with words. You could become a world famous author...then you could live anywhere and have all the creatures you ever wanted! The photographs are always fun and unexpected! I have never seen a Water Dragon!! You have a gentle spirit that pulls the creatures to you. I, too, love all animals...I would love to see the Dragons!! Alas, I might not ever see one in person, but through your eyes and your wife's camera, I have these photos and want to know more. Thank you so much for sharing!!

I see our lives as books. There are many chapters we have read and passed. There will be many more chapters of our lives that have yet to be read. I pray you have many adventurous, peaceful, healthy, satisfying chapters ahead in your life.

Angel, Moluccan Cockatoo
Scooter, RoseBreasted Cockatoo
BooBoo, Timneh African Grey
MaggieMay, Congo African Grey
Kasey, Hahn's MiniMacaw
TallulahBlu, Blue&Gold Macaw
Hanabi, White Bellied Caique
Aja, Red Lory
Bodie, Rainbow Lory
And the Rest of the Flock!

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#57284 From: "shanlung9" <>
Date: Thu Mar 15, 2007 8:30 pm
Subject: Re: Goodbye to dragons shanlung9
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--- In, "Daphne" <daphne.duncan@...>



Those were wonderful water dragons. Made even more wonderful in that
I need not bother with their litter!

Since thats a creek connected with Brisbane river kind of near the
sea, fishes including a few cute puffer fishes gathered to take those
kibbles that bounced off into the water. At the end, I scattered a
handful to the fishes as well.

In three months when I get my house with garden, I hope for more
beautiful encounters with loris and toos and hopefully sugar gliders
as well.

Maybe thats my perfect solution. To befriend one or two from the
wild like my old friend, that Birdwhisperer of Tsaoling.



Then in another forum while on the subject of clipping of wings, a new tangent appeared where one of them advocate that only ONE wing is to be clipped as recommended by her 'avian vet'

I could not agree with that and recommended that she changed her vet.

She took strong exception and that prompted me with this reply thats meant for that person even though I was writing to another that asked.


I never advocate here or elsewhere that parrot must be clipped or unclipped. I have many more friends with clipped parrots than friends who liked them to be fully flighted.

Amonge those who kept birds flighted, I am about the most low key and actually a source of unhappiness to those with flighted parrots as I never spoke out against clipping.

I just show how life can be like with a flighted parrot that such possibility can be theirs if their circumstances allow that and if they are prepared to make the necessary changes to do that. That must remain the choice of the individual. No one must be pressured to take one or the other choice.

I spoke only against the misconception that clipping of wings meant the clipped parrot cannot fly away. My mistake! I should have not disturbed the tranquility here.

If the wings are equally clipped, provided no spook and no wind gust and the parrot is laid back, the parrot can at least glide.

If the clip is deliberately made assymetrical, the parrot cannot even glide. The imbalance will make the parrot spin every time he/she tries to use the wings. Try throwing a paper aeroplane with one wing bigger than the other.

Even in just simple flapping to try to regain balance, that poor bird will find the balance gets even worse. But it is unlikely the parrot know its because of the wings had been deliberately cut that way. That way, a pathological fear is induced in his mind. You dare even flap your wings, you will go dizzy and sick. I just cannot see how we got the right to do that to the bird.

That a self styled 'avian vet' can stoop so low,the only bird that vet should treat be the Norwegian Blues.

Thats entirely my opinion or am I not allowed to have any opinion?

So those who relished in absolute control should feel free to do so.

I rather go smell the roses,to go back to other forums , watch TV than to come back here to continue this unworthy and extremely aggravating dispute.




Then in yet another forum,


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posted March 11, 2007 01:39 PM
Thank you Shanlung for sharing your and Tink's lives. Your corner of the world is lovely. I read all you said about the "Bird Whisperer". You are indeed honored to know him.
Kiwi has at last flown to me upon my invitation. I do this in the safe confines of my green house and home. I want her to know this skill should we ever have the unfortunate circumstances she needs it. I am using voice combined with hand commands with her. She knows, No, good girl, yes, eat, bad, owie, step up, step down, dress, mouth, foot, wing, hair, tummy bye bye, cage house, lake house, book house (library) and is learning come and fly. I have recently noticed her using the top of her beak to tap my hand, arm or cheek to show either impatience or concern. I am not sure at this point which, but she is incorporating this behavior more and more.

I am so ill equipped to be this creatures mentor in this human flock. She needs to learn so much. I try to observe what she is telling me. Every day is a learning experience. My challenge is to remain aware of what I must do to make Kiwi's learning condusive to her healthy happy future.

I am honored to have made your acquaintence. Thank you mytoos. Janie
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posted March 14, 2007 09:55 AM

That flight of Kiwi to you marked the beginning of a new relationship as you realised.

I understand new things can be frightening as much as it can be exciting. Look on her as the friend that she is. Be very aware of all nuances of Kiwi that only you can know. Remember that you are her equal and rules of friendship must apply. No pussyfooting with her.

Part 2, Tinkerbell Legacy is written for you. Please find the time to read and use any or all of that as you find applicable to you.

Please read Part 1 Early Period "Parrot on shoulder - Being Gentle" and work that cue into her. For a bird that can fly onto your shoulder, this is very important.

Do not hesitate in asking me for help, either here or directly to me.

I am so happy for you and Kiwi



I think in future I will transfer some of the stuff I wrote in those forums here as well just like in this instances

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