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Goodbye to dragons

Goodbye to dragons

Hi folks,

While I might not have taken active part in your forums, I do write on parrots. One series has been on clipping wings that I extracted into my Livejournal here.

I was also fairly active in Wikipedia - African Grey Parrot.
Of greater importance , will be the 'discussion' that you all can go to when you click on the tab 'discussion' at the top or
You might like to go there to make this to be more reflective and useful to all in the community.

Its been a long time I wrote to all since I came over to Brisbane.
I disliked staying in hotel and I quickly got a place on a 6 month lease to get out of that hotel. I am now counting down the 3 months left to end of that lease to get a house to stay in. Thats because I am not allowed to have any creatures, furred or feathered. As this place has no balcony either, I am frustrated by calls of rainbow loris, pied magpies, SC2s that sang in trees and ground and I not able to interact with them. So much so that I even befriended the redback under the steps of this leased apartment.

In office, I spend my lunch breaks by the side of a creek. There were these 4 water dragons. Eventually I gave them scraps and then I ended up buying kitty kibbles to feed them. My wife came over a couple of weeks last month and took some photos that you can see in

Without any other creatures, they became my lunchtime friends, for three months. And in the last week, to the stage that I was able to rub the big alpha queen on her head. She kept the other three some distance away.

Then starting from this day Monday, I was seconded to a client and will be working with them on a big project. That meant I will be at their office and no longer going to my old office.
While thats exciting to me, I was sadden to say goodbye to the dragons.

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