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On clipping wings

I was recently taking part in various forums on the above.

I extract below what I wrote


9 Mar 07

Clipping of wings probably lead to loss of even more birds than knowing how to live with flighted birds.

People clip wings thinking that their bird will not fly away.

I honestly have nothing against the way people chose to keep their flock. No one should allow others to pressure them one way or other into any prescribed way.
They and only they alone must decide.

But they should know as much as they can , not relying on the word of anyone alone, less of all, not from me.

But to think that clipping of wings will meant bird will be safe is so unsafe that that is frightening to me.

Trimming wings is about the worse measure to try to stop birds from flying away.

In fright and with wind gust, clipped birds will , and can fly away.

By trimming feathers, you lull yourself into a false state of mind that all is safe. Then when the clipped bird fly away in fright up a tree, the very lack of those clipped feathers meant that bird cannot fly down to you again.

Those who live with flighted birds will know that flying down is one of the hardest act EVEN WITH ALL FEATHERS INTACT. Successful flying down from high points require much more skills than flying up in fright.

If you think clipping prevent unwanted escapes then read extracts below

lost cockatiel 'Tory'
Lost cockatiel. Grey/yellowish pearl. Banded 03. ay come to 'Tory Bird'. Poor flier due to wing clipping. Email: White Lake, MI.

Our bird was lost on 11-23-03 in the area of St. Petersburg, Fl. In the region of OLD NORTHEAST. We are heart broken over it, any info that is given will be greatly helpful, wings are clipped and can't fly There is a reward out for the return of the bird , under one year old. Email: St Petersburg, FL.

Blue & Gold Macaw, Lost in Pembroke Pines, Fl Distinctive Forth black Line Under Eyes. Still Being Handfed. Wings Were Clipped First two Wing feathers Still On. Lost On Sept. 21. Reward If Found. Email: Pembroke Pines, FL.

My daughter and I are so sad because my husband went outside on
Saturday Feb. 24th at 3 o'clock and he had our little Mustached Parakeet. It's a female, and she was scared about the noise that my husband did with the trashcan, so she flew away.

We try to find her, we gave to the people some flyers and we put some
of them on the mail boxes, we look around our home where we thought that she can stay but anything happened. Our Parakeet Vet told us that she can't fly long distances because she has just 3 feathers on each side, she is missing 4 on each side.

She was living inside the house in a warm weather and now outside is
cold, the Vet thinks that she can survive outside but I don't know what we
can do. We are missing her a lot. Her head is light gray, she has
salmon-colored half breast, some of her tail feathers are turquoise, and some yellow on her wing feathers. We are living in Gilbert, Arizona.


You should make your decision when you know clearly your intentions and the consequences .

Take a look into what Pamela Clark wrote. Read that and then you decide.

Feathers, Flight and Parrot Keeping

11 Mar 07

In this bundled series of letters, I was talking about what I termed as the gyrodrop. That was in the
context of the mechanics of bird flights as to how they fly downwards. You can gauge how much I
know about the difficulties of birds flying downwards.
Feel free to dispute with me on what I wrote, if you have some such experiences.

About the end of that article, I suggest the best flight angle for you to
induce your clipped or unclipped bird to fly back to you if they are up a tree.

You never know one day you might need to use this.

An article from Part 1 Tinkerbell Early Period


And if above works for you and you are grateful,
send a nice cheque to Gerald Durrells Wildlife Trust

Continued couple weeks later with

More thoughts on wing clipping


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