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YS flying to me stting in the sofa


I got up late this morning again. But no matter what, I still needed my coffee and breakfast while YS looked on and called and called. To show his unhappiness, he flew down to the floor and pecked at the crickets in the smb 3 that he could see through the transparent plastic.

It was 10 am when I got in to weigh the MM at 38.7, or 0.3 less than evening before. YS flew immediately on cue to the scale to tip it at 33.4 gm. He got his milli and returned to the door perch. Then when I was covering the scale, he took off and flew into the apartment. He gained enough confidence over the last few days to do that. After a short while perched on top of the table fan, he flew a couple of circuits in the hall to land on top of the ceiling lights. The way he was looking around, I wasnt about to waste any time on recalls that he would not come to. I made another cup of coffee and went back to watch the news and to see what else YS was going to do.

After exploring the top of the lights, and then the top of the cupboards, he flew down to the table fan again. He looked ready. I moved to the armchair and he responded very well to the pure recall. We then went into the step up routines before I tossed him to return to the door perch. But he decided the new fan perch was fun and he chose that instead of the door perch as the start off point for recall exercises.

I moved back to the sofa. I called his name to get that tilt on his head that he was responding. To my delight, he responded to the pure recall that I made. No more invisible barrier this time. He deserved and he got a nice suri that I had in readiness. I did another recall. He flew to me. But at that time, my ciggie was on the ashtray and the smoke drifted in between us. He hovered and turned back. What more can I say. When he overcame that invisible barrier, my smoke created a new barrier. That ciggie was killed and the ashtray was pushed out of the way.

We did a few more recalls and he got his millis for that.

I then stopped those exercises. It is always better to stop when you are doing fine, rather than to repeat and repeat until YS decided on his own not to bother anymore. I also had to replenish the millis. YS decided to remain in the living room on top of the lights.

When I walked towards him, he flew off to the main door clinging on to the mesh. I believed that was his idea of 'fun'. After two months, he was not scared of me. I went towards him and he flew back into the flight room. I had better things to do such as to have my coffee and watch the news so I sat on the sofa again. He looked disappointed that I was not following him and he got on the door perch to call at me. I was not walking to him. I raised my left hand and did the recall from the sofa. You recalled he did not fly to me from that door perch yesterday.

He took off from that door perch, to land on the fan. Then he took off from the fan to land on me. Cheeky little bugger! But he got his suri.

Ivan was screaming to be liberated. So YS was back into the flightroom and the sliding door shut. Kind of a balancing act to be fair to both of them. Then Ivan was let out. This is still a dilemma for me. Should I try to integrate both of them together? or keep them separate.

At 12 30pm, the MM was still at 38.7 gm. But YS was hardly in the flight room for that morning. And he got millis, suris and crickets. YS was at 34.1 gm.
I threw away the MM and gave fresh MM to 39.2 gm.

I went off for lunch and on to the gym getting back at around 5 pm. YS was allowed into the living room for a while. We did some of the exercises, more as an excuse to feed YS with crickets and millis.

At 610pm, the MM was at 38.7 gm. YS was at 34.5 gm


Note: Normal weight range of shama is 28 - 32 grams
from the information below .

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.

Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

or to WWF or other conservation bodies of your choice

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