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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Rapid natural recovery for Jackie // The 3s in killing old Nic

More photos in Flickr folder _ Jackie 01 -Bonding

It was a big relief and very nice surprise to see Jackie natural healing took place so fast. In the last report, it could be seen the big gash in the skin was already drawing together.

I had not intended to let natural healing take its course. But being the Chinese New Year with all shops closed, that choice was taken out of my hand.


It would be impossible for anyone who love their creatures to do nothing. And yet, I had to do nothing. I would have gone out in a shot to buy the Yunnan Bai Yao. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yunnan_Baiyao As previously said, Duffy my homing pigeon friend and all his friends swore by this product and you should think of having this in your birdie kit. Do a Google check on this http://www.google.com/search?q=Yunnan%20Bai%20Yao . This Yunnan Bai Yao was creditted in saving thousands (the other side) in the Korean war and saving even more thousands (the other side) in the Vietnam war.

Since then another avid aviculturist ChiuSan gave me the details of an Avian vet to call on should there be a need. There was clearly no need for that when that last report was written.

The healing was such that as a reward for Jackie, I slapped him back into a diet of 30JM & 40 FP.
From the looks of it to present time, I probably will be reducing that yet again. I do not want him to be over weight. His morning weight over the last few days had been 30th Jan 174 gms and 31 Jan 177 gms.

Photos taken over the last few days showed the scab to be shrinking and drawing the skin together.

on 27 Jan

On 29 Jan


I removed the masking tape ring on that lander as I did not have to put the mash bowl in that to entice Jackie to be weighed. His wobbly balancing on the tape ring made the scale jumped too much for accurate readings.

On 30 Jan

I could not get meaningful photos today. Sieben was around spooking both Jackie and me. The scab seemed to be breaking off and peeling with nice skin below.


The 3s in killing old Nic

I remembered that first stick of lighted cigarette in my mouth. That was on the 15th March 1967 at about 645 pm. My 0 Level class was doing Julius Caesar, and he was killed on the Ides of March. Which prompted my English Literature Master to have us all performing that play on that Ides of March. After that, me and my friends were camping at Changi beach and it was drizzling and cold. They assured me the ciggie would keep me warm. There started an addiction to Old Nic.

Since then, you have seen enough photos of me having a ciggie with everyone of my birdies. I do hope that those photos will now be historical.

It started on 27th Jan Friday night. I had agreed for yet another bout of old class mates meeting up at that New Ubin Seafood the next day to toss Yu Sang high high. Yu Sang is a raw fish dish with fine rice noodles and carrots and stuff sliced very thinly. By tossing that high in unison, you increased your prosperity for the year.

My last ciggie was at 130am. Later in my sleep, I knew something was wrong. Apparently, I had gastric flu. I was very sick in the morning. Just barely able to drag myself out of bed to fix Jackie his mash. Strangely, Jackie did not want to land on me at all. I crawled back to bed with my stomach a churning mess and joints and muscles of my body wanting to rip apart. It was that bad that I had no thoughts of ciggie at all.

While wondering if I was dying on bed, my wife told me "Jackie loved crossaints- BIG PIECES" I told her to use the bread box and she told me those tiny pieces of bread were outright pathetic and Jackie deserved more.

Then she got me out of my morbid curiosity if I was dying by telling me Jackie LOVED Oranges. I groaned. I warned her of Vitamin C that experts are warning against feeding Hill Mynahs. I told her to quickly make WuLung tea for Jackie. She pouted and accused me of adding chilies with even more Vit C into the mash. Gone the good old days where wife must not know too much and must listen to lord and Master and not talk back and to walk 5 mincing steps behind, unless in mine fields and wife to walk 10 striding steps ahead.

In the late afternoon, Sieben came to me on the bed. Pretending a nonchalance that was not there, he pranced on my stomach telling me it was time for me to fix their mash. I groaned with pain and told my wife to do that mash. My wife decided it was so much easier to pour kibbles loaded with ethoxiquin, BHA/BHT and all kinds of ickky additives out of box into their food trays.

I drifted in and out of sleep. Might have been 36 hours in bed. Got up the next day even with half packs of ciggies every where in the house, I still had not the urge to light up. I was still sick. Jackie must have knew that. I was so surprised in a recall cue to me, he landed on my wrist, must have felt the skin burning, and took off back to his cage.

Then I decided that perhaps I should try to give that up for good. Giving up smoking is easy. It is the maintaining on that path that is so difficult.

There are this 3s in killing old Nic. The 3rd day, the 3rd week, and the 3rd month. But it is a lot more than that. It became a constant daily battle not to put that ciggie into my mouth. My close friend Cyrus who gave up smoking 20 + years ago told me it was still a daily struggle for him. I had washed the ashtray, 3 times. I confessed I gained some respite by breathing in the fumes that still lingered in the ashtray.

I passed the 3rd day. And into the night, it was agony which surprised me as I thought I cleared my flu. Which was why I could only manage to pour kipples for the kitties. My wife was correct. It was a lot easier just to pour kibbles. Then my wife checked the pins and needles I got in my hands and feet and the profuse sweatings and told me that was the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine is a very powerful drug , and my body trying to come to terms with nicotine being leeched out of my system with every glass of water I drank.

We will find out later on the 3rd week and the 3rd month.
My Silkquit meter to date.
Three days, 9 hours, 58 minutes and 0 seconds.
170 cigarettes not smoked, saving $79.41.
Life saved: 14 hours, 10 minutes.

LiBai mash making.
About 300 grams of beef mince, with 200 grams of chicken mince and 150 grams of dried anchovies(for the calcium). That was all done up to the kitty mash formula I wrote about in
Pakistan//Tinkerbell Kitty Mash//Dommie at the beach Ramadhan 2010 //Villa walkabout 2
Instead of the almond and brazil nuts, about 100 grams of human grade groundnuts(peanuts) were used.

Making of Tinkerbell Mash
Morning with Harry & the decision// Sultan of Oman Palace// Tinkerbell Mash Batch 7

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(edited on 4th November 2011 to include below)

To Shanlung - How to do Free Flight Outside

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