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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Closing this chapter//Buwah off Harban with Dommie// Beautiful Wadi Qurai
Closing this chapter

On that first entry of this chapter "Catching up in Muscat and Riamfada might fly with me" http://shanlung.livejournal.com/79690.html, I already know that one day we will have to part.

As written then, " That parrot had no identification ring and therefore , no papers. Even with papers, I am so aware of the difficulty of taking that parrot with me later. With no papers, no hope at all. It will be another emotional and painful goodbye."

I was wrong when I thought Riam had no ID ring. There was a kind of open ID ring that I earlier wrongly thought was remnant of leg chain that I seen on so many parrots. Still, there were no ID papers. And investigations over last few months confirmed that Riam cannot be taken out of Oman legally.

I cannot contemplate trying to take her out illegally as that will cost her life if caught.

I thought then I might be in Oman for 4-5 years. To me, that is almost forever. You all know that I doubt society and civilisation as we know it is not likely to survive 5-6 years down the road as the reality of global warming really hit us. We seen that with the disappearance of Artic ice and countries all screamed and fight for the economic advantages and want to reap the rewards of shipping, oil and mineral exploitation of ice free Artic. Like miners screaming and fighting over the value of a dead canary instead of wondering why the canary died and if it is their turn next.

Will anyone bet against me that Copenhagen conference will produce more hot air and no concrete binding agreement? And it seemed that through our earlier stupidity, we have already passed that tipping point and permafrost all melting and adding gigatonnes of methane to the gigatones of CO2 we added with our insane use of fossil fuel and cutting down of the forests. So even a binding agreement in Copenhagen will be too little and too late.

The Darfur conflict in Sudan is essentially a fight over so-called renewable resources such as water made worse by politicians with hidden agendas. That will not be restricted to Sudan as global warming intensified and glaciers in Himalayas and Andes and elsewhere disappeared with their water.

I hope I am wrong, and in time we will know for sure.

Part of me wanted to say 'No' to taking in of Riamfada because of the pain I have had in the goodbyes first to Tinkerbell, and then to Yingshiong. I know in a gut wrenching way, how goodbyes can be like.

And what if I say 'No' to Riamfada and then I remain on in Oman for 5 years, for 6 years. I would really feel stupid then for saying 'no' to taking in of Riamfada.

But neither can I walk away and say 'no thanks'. I felt Riamfada needed me. And during the time together, I would be able to provide her with a quality of life that I feel no one else in Oman can match. You seen the food I prepared for her, and the environment I provided for her. That I took care of her physical needs, her mental needs and her emotional needs and returned her the love she gave me.

From that first day she came to me, I started the search for her next family.

In Omanforum 2 days ago, I wrote this in my thread

I am looking for a potential home in Oman for Riamfada. I prefer that home to be Omani family with children as Riamfada likes children. It might even be you and your family or a family that you know.

That family must like parrot and like to give Riamfada a life similar to what we do.

It is not important if they do not know how to do that.

I will give them all the knowledge and training to handle a flying parrot, once I am convinced that they like parrot and will treat her like a daughter.

And if I leave Oman, I know her future is assured with them.

Please help me and Riamfada and pass this on to your friends or into their forums, especially Arabic forums.


I always try my best to report accurately on all that I have done. That included the unplanned and unwanted misflights of Riamfada in that last report.

I cannot cull that away and pretend that did not happened. Or to conjure up some excuses why that happened.

I know of this farewell from that first day when Riamfada came into my life.

I hoped, and still hoped, this farewell might not have to take place for another 3-4 years.

But I must prepare for farewell which might have to happen sooner than what I wished for.

There are still time ahead of us that I want to enjoy with her as much as I can. Such as you can see in the reports after this.

So put aside any sadness that you might feel and enjoy with us the time that we still have left to us


Buwah off Harban with Dommie

many more photos in Flickr folder "Buwah off Halban "

You know that Wadi Fanja was a place we liked to go to in cooler season and with our kitties too. It is cooler now, but the water in that part of Wadi Fanja had dried up. That being said, the heavy rains of yesterday and today (and forecast to last a week) should fill up that Wadi.

We drove a few times from Wadi Fanja over the hills towards Harban. And around Buwah we saw this scrubby woodlands. Since no one lived there, and the woodland was extensive, we have thought of going there with our kitties.

So it was on Friday 4th December we went there. Idiot Katie was not around and did not answer to my calling of her. So only Dommie came with us. We had bought takeaway the night before and we all were going for a picnic there.

It took 20 minutes to drive to Harban and at the T junction, we turned right as towards Fanja. 4-5 kilometers later, we were in that woodlands. We turned onto a track and drove 5-600 meters to be far from the road. Lots of trees here and we chose one to give us shade.

Then the camp chairs, ice box , camp table unloaded and set up. Riamfada perch hung from the car and we all enjoyed that place.

many more photos in Flickr folder "Buwah off Halban "





This might give you an idea of the size of that patch of woodland. Dommie stayed near us most of the time. Periodically he would do his explorations wandering far away. When he was beyond sight, I would call for him and he would appear again and make his way back to us.

We walked from time to time to a ridge, protected by Dommie padding after us, or ahead of us, or behind us as he deemed fit. We never had to call Dommie to join us when we walked away. Dom would always join us on those walks.

It was such a safe clear place that we did some very long flights to almost the extent of the line, 100 meters or so.


As the day went on, the car had to be moved to stay in the shade of that tree.












many more photos in Flickr folder "Buwah off Halban "



Beautiful Wadi Qurai

many more photos in Flickr folder "Beautiful Wadi Qurai "

Just before the last weekend, my colleague Richard Clarke told me of this beautiful Wadi Qurai that he discovered recently. The way he talked about this place made me determined to check that out yesterday , Friday 12th December.

Our Katleen was back from her holidays from USA. She called us on Thursday when to see us with her presents for Riamfada of almonds in its shell and brazil nuts. Kat just love Riamfada.

We told her of our intention to go to Wadi Qurai and she accepted our invitation to join us.

She came to our place on Friday morning. And I found Riamfada just loved the almond in its shell. I used a plier to crush/crack the shell, and Riam would then rip the shells about to get into the meat.

We then set off to Wadi Qurai and got onto the road to Nizwa. Wadi Qurai was told by Richard to be about 15 kilometers after the village of Samail. Just after Samail, I saw signage that Wadi Qurai was 17 kilometers away. The Hajar mountain range was on our right side as we drove on. Then as we were about to reach Wadi Qurai, I saw a huge rift in the mountain range. I knew that to augur well everytime there was a big split in the mountains.

I turned off the main highway as indicated and slowly drove on the small road passing a tiny village and then parking the car. I saw the falaj, an irrigation channel that I was told to follow. That falaj brought in fresh water from the springs deep inside that rift in the mountain.

The falaj hugged the side of the steep side, and then crossed as an aqueduct across the ravine below.

3 villagers were coming behind us and one of them volunteered to guide us on.

That walk was beautiful. It was difficult and with tricky parts

Katleen decided risks were too high for her and she told us she would wait. That spot she waited was also beautiful too.

We walked, crawled, clambered on. We did not go to where pools of water were said to be, still another 15 minutes away. What we seen filled us with delight nonetheless. There were so many fossils of shells embedded into the rocks. This was one of the most beautiful spot we came across in beautiful Oman. With wild plants and flowers, water skaters, butterflies, frogs and beautiful lizards.

I am afraid the photos taken could not do justice to this place.

That village boy was so patient and helpful to us out of his good nature. I was glad I surprised him when I gave him 10 OR and insisted that he should take it as token of my gratitude for the tremendous help and company he gave us.

many more photos in Flickr folder "Beautiful Wadi Qurai "












and a very rare photo of the 3 of us together.



many more photos in Flickr folder "Beautiful Wadi Qurai "



If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust

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