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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Beach outing with Jessica / / Preparing for Riam future // Chess final // beach outing with kitties


The Abutilon I mentioned is the Abutilon pannosum and known locally as munaqaa. I was flabbergasted when you mentioned of the beauty of those Abutilon that you known and the munaqaa must be absent when credits and beauty were being handed out by the Creator. Munaqaa is one of the more common wild plants largely because, as related by Winbow, goats do not eat it at all. In his handout, this plant 'circular leaf, yellow flower oil-filter pod'. I guess that was why the other plants that were in abundance (within the context of desert habitat) were those thorny spiky plants. So either the plants defend themselves with chemical warfare or armoured themselves to survive here.

You will read later on I declined another walk with Winbow last Thursday and will be declining yet another next week. Unlike what you think of me, I am more of the armchair type, and climbing up and down wadis , with or without Riamfada, is too exhausting.

Your account of that kitty horrified me. That made even worse as that happened rather than that scam I mentioned about.

I am happy as a carnivore and love meat. In days gone past when eletricity power and fridge not available, I have gone camping with friends on small island and had taken live goat that eventually got BBQ. I have done that task on goat (and chickens) as job that got to be done for food not bought from supermarket and wrapped in plastic.

Outright and thoughtless cruelty make me , and luckily the vast majority of us sick.


Jessica Dakin was the lady who found Riamfada and gave her into my care Oct 2008. Several meetings had been arranged for her to come over to my villa with her family to see and say hi to Riamfada.

We finally got in touch with Jessica and that on Thursday, we would go with Riamfada to her villa in the morning.

There was another plant walk scheduled on Thursday. But after that last walk with them when we found muscles and joints and ligaments I never thought existed, it was quite easy to forego that plant walk this time and to see Jessica instead.

This was another of those beautiful Omani winter day. Blue skies, bright sun and temperature about 24C when we reached her place at 10am

It was great to see her and her family again. Although it was just about 3 months since I saw Jessica and took over Riamfada, it felt like such a long long time had passed.

Jessica told us last couple of months had not been good for her. First one child got ill, and then the other, and then her hubby. She was mom to all and those times were harassing for her. And then she got sick too. So those meetings she planned with me were cancelled.

But all's well. We finally got to meet again.

Photoset with more photos of Jessica meeting here

Riamfada clearly remembered Jessica. She greeted Jess with "I love you" and bob her head at her. Riam never said this phrase to us and that was a phrase Jess mentioned she thought Riam in the short time they were together.

Riam and me, with Jessica and Bella

Bella was the poor little girl that I mentioned at the beginning of this saga who got nipped by Riamfada. Bella was so fascinated to see Riam again, but was that afraid of Riam too.


We were so happy to see Jessica again. In mid March, we will be flying off to Taiwan to be with Tinkerbell and friends there for a couple of weeks. It was easy to find places that will take in the kitties. It was impossible to find places that will take in Riamfada. I called vets and petshops to no avail. I was about to try a general broadcast in Arabic bird sites to reach out to locals here for a helping hand.

My nice landlord offered to look after Riam for me, but he never have kept parrots before.

I was even thinking of getting 2 kilo of sunflower seeds and lots of water bowls (cannot find that water bottle type dispenser in Muscat) in Riamfada's room.

Jessica said she will be happy to keep Riamfada for that period and that took a lot of weight off my shoulder.

There was another even more important reason that I wanted so much to get in touch with Jessica again.

Unless you are a hermit in a cave or a guru contemplating the mystical Tao on top of a mountain, we all know of the financial tsunami that engulf the world as we know it. Right now, I am still OK in Oman, and might still be here for the next 5 years. Unlike the blood letting in Dubai where many projects were halted and frozen and last month had rumours of cars in the hundreds to thousands on hire purchase abandoned in the airport parking lot with keys left in the ignition as people left in a hurry.

But I cannot assume all remain well in Oman. I knew Riamfada might not be mine forever. Even with papers for Tinkerbell, getting her to travel with me across international boundaries was impossible at that time. Riam have no papers. While it will be painful to part with Riamfada, it will be immensely more painful to leave her to an unknown future with unknown people.

Jessica had told me if I had to leave, Riam should go back to her as she knew of a high ranking Omani who love parrots and happy to have Riamfada.

I told Jessica of the one year I took to train Yu to look after Tinkerbell. And that I like to know that person to start that process of looking after Riamfada should I have to go.

Jessica agreed with my thoughts and that she would arrange for me to meet that person soon. It also would help with my other holiday plans. That I would know of another person other than Jessica who can look after Riam when we go on vacations.

And when we have to leave for good, leaving and knowing that Riamfada will be loved and cared for by a person I can give my knowledge to will ease that pain of parting from Riamfada.

While I like to keep that blinkers on to not to see too much so I can better enjoy the life of now, there are times that the blinkers be removed and future be prepared for so I can take better comfort in later.

Jessica live just a couple minutes walk from the beach.

As we walked to the beach with Jessica and Bella together with Lola her little one, I was struck by the similarity of our neighbour walks with our kitties. Bella and Lola would find so many interesting things to see and to touch. Jessica had to call and call for them the way I and my wife called and called to Dommie and Katie. All of us were relieved when we finally reached the beach and need not have to worry about the roads.


Below is a rare photo of me and my wife with Riamfada taken together by Jessica.


Photoset with more photos of Jessica meeting here



We then have to part.

Photo of ring harness arrangement in the car


It was still early in the day.
We bought pack lunch and drove on to Fanja. We found a shady thorn tree, pulled out our folding chairs and books. Had lunch and vegetated in Fanja that afternoon and got back home.

Friday was the day of that chess final.

I won the first two games quite easily.

Complaceny then set in. I thought with that good position I had in the third game, that point should be mine. I was shocked when after the smoke cleared from a series of exchanges, that I was down. I was playing in the Internet in lightning chess where each play might have 3-5 minutes each to win the game in that time. And if you think that was very fast, I also love the bullet chess where you win or lose in one minute each. I used to play in tournament chess of 2 hours a game and allegro with 30 mins a game. But that was 30 years ago.

In this tournament, we have 25 minutes each, and I could not readjust to make good use of that time to think.

I still have chances for a bite of that prize money.

I won my fourth game.

Then in the fifth and final game, after a complex exchange, I was up one whole rook. Those who play chess knew victory was in sight other than the beating of drums. With this one point win, I would be at the top.

Then the top two players decided to draw their game to share the 1st prize.

A newspaper reporter there was excited with my game and came to take a photo with a gigantic flash just as I was about to move. In a daze, I made the most rotten move possible and lost a piece.

I snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

But that is life. I smiled and shook hands with my opponent. Stayed on to played a few friendly lightning games and threshed the guy who won me 4-0 so he be reminded how lucky he was to have won that game that really counted.

Clapped my hands at the naming of those victors thinking but for the grace of God, I should have been there.

It was early in the afternoon when I got back. We had been getting the kitties used to harness by putting it on them alternatively and going for neighbourhood walks. It was time to see how it would be taken out.

The beach was nearby us. We harnessed Katie and went off to the beach with Riamfada.

Photoset with more photos of kitties on leash at the beach here

The waves were high and crashing. Katie didnt like that at all trying to go back to the road and the car all the time.


Since we lived so nearby, we drove back, dropped Katie and harnessed Dommie and went back to the same place.

To find Dommie also did not like the beach no matter how much we liked it.

It was ok when we returned to the car. The kitties were happy to go that way. The leash restraint could guide them and hold them from bolting away.

It might be different perhaps if we had chosen a time when waves were not crashing on the beach.

Perhaps we might try the kitties at wadis.

Photoset with more photos of kitties on leash at the beach here


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