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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada Hide & Seek Recalls // day out at Al Koudh and Fanja
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It was the coldest weekends we encountered here in Muscat. During the summer when temperature hovered at 40-45C, it was difficult to imagine if it was possible to get cool enough then.

The rains started as I related during the Tuesday night. Where Katie decided to stuck herself again on the neighbour's roof. And remained stuck on Wednesday in the rain refusing to jump down. Was I embarrased in having to go apologetically to the neighbours on Thursday morning. I brought our ladder, and hold up a chair to about the same level as Katie. She only needed to step down a couple of feet onto the chair. She screamed that was too difficult. And I had to go to villa 1 to borrow their long ladder. I had to climb to the roof to grap Katie. Who then grapped the ladder refusing to let go. I saw her sharp claws ready for my arm should I tugged her away. I then borrowed Riamfada's cat carrier to take up to the roof. Katie then entered the carrier and was taken down to be given the scolding of her life for the embarrasement caused.

That wasted the entire morning of my Wednesday weekend where poor Riamfada had to remain in her room. The rains continued to Wednesday evening. Not the best day to go out. Not with roads flooded as well.

The last few days, a new routine was introduced to Riamfada. In the past, when she was in the living room, I would do recalls with her in that room and maximum distance of 9 meters.

I introduced her to Hide & Seek recalls and recalls of a much greater distance in the house.

Hide & Seek recalls were recalls where Riamfada could not see me when I gave the recall cue, and she had to fly around corners to reach me.

So when Riamfada was on the ring, I would be in the kitchen and gave recall. She had to turn around 2 ninety degree corners to reach me.

She had not done the full hide and seek recall as yet to my defination of a full hide & seek recall. If you think she had done that, you might be right as perhaps I set too high a standard for poor Riamfada.

At my cue, she flew first to the perch from the ring. Then she took off that perch to my voice, hovered at the kitchen door , and flew into the kitchen to land on me. A complete hide&seek recall should have her flying to me without preliminary landings at other places.

Perhaps her assymetrical clipping of wings hindered her from doing that yet. But then, she had done perfect circular flights of the room, and flew to buzz Katie on couch and flew back to perch.

She might be on the perch and I in the dining room near the door to her room and maybe 20 meters away. I was out of sight of her, but in a bendy way and no 2 ninety degree turn.

At cue, she would fly to me. This was really difficult as she got the hang after a couple of times. Then when I walked away, she would start her flight. I had to run to hide, but she caught up with me.

I think I need to introduce her to 'stay' cues, that she must not fly and stay until she heard my cue.

During the first couple of months, I kicked or chucked out the kitties from the house whenever Riamfada was let out of her room. With the acceptances between kitties and Riamfada, the kitties were allowed in the house even when Riam was out of her room. Riamfada would always meowed whenever she saw a kitty padding into the living room, or when a kitty pushed the sliding door to come in.

When training was over, Riamfada was allowed to do her thing, to hang about on the various perches. Quite often, she would fly to my shoulder, and stayed there. I might be playing chess, or watching TV , or going into the kitchen with her on my shoulder. Later on, I was so glad that Riam liked my shoulder that much.

My wife came back from Singapore with a bunch of lanyards and some old fishing clips and swivel joints. They looked a bit smaller than what I used on Tinkerbell, and a lot smaller than what I bought in Muscat. I replaced the swivel joint on Riamfada's harness and the fishing clip on the line.

Thursday was sunny and a good day to take Riamfada out on a longer trip with my wife this time. Riam was harnessed and leashed and placed into her carrier. We took the basket with us as well as that would give her a nice perch to do recalls from.

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We drove to Al Koudh. I might have written this as Al Khouad, or Al Kouadh in the past. All forms were correct and can be seen in sign posts and referred to the same place. It depended which sign that you last seen.

We were surprised when we reached that wadi to see dozens of SUVs coming and going on the wadi. Bashing through the shallow streams and gravel beds. A few recalls of Riam were done there before we decided to go to Fanja instead.

This time, I managed to find the wadi behind Fanja that I passed by with my wife.

I took Riam from the carrier and popped her on my shoulder. As I was walking, I thought I shorten the line. I reeled the line in and got to a state of shock when I came to the clip. The clip was not attached to the swivel joint. Riam had chewed the clip until it was mangled. I was so glad that Riam loved my shoulder. I was sure Riam knew that she was free. And could have flown off to the distant horizon. I quickly turned around and got back into the car with Riam on my shoulder. The clip was reattached to the harness swivel hook and tied with dead knots to make sure the line remain attached.

We decided to incorporate the check on leash and harness whenever we went out of secured places such as the car. It was frightening, and only because Riam loved my shoulder that I could write this report.

A few recalls were done here. All the recalls were short recalls as I fixed the harness line to be only 6 meters.

It was not easy either, as Riam always wanted to be with me. Should I move more than 3 meters away, Riam would fly to me regardless. Even if I put a hand up to indicate her not to do so, she would just fly to that hand. I had to get my wife to block Riam, be between Riam and me, to allow me to be a short distance away to initiate recalls.

I became a sight to others who were out. The first ever they saw a guy taking a parrot out. So should they keep a parrot themselves, may they think of me and Riamfada instead of chaining their parrot to a horizontal bar or locked up in a tiny cage.

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