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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Stupid Katie stuck on roof again// Riam teased kitties
Last night, we were at Tim's place again with Paul. We were to have a BBQ on his patio balcony. I had little skills in cooking or in bbqing. But I was good in starting fire. Arranging the charcoal briquettes in a pyramid, a bit of fire starting fluid, I had the charcoal nicely burning in a short while.

We then chatted to catch up again after a few weeks of absence as Tim and Paul went back to Ireland for Christmas.

Then just as the steaks were taken out to be bbq by Paul, the rains which had been forecasted to come came with a vengence. The earlier flash and glow of sheet lightning brought heavy rain and howling winds. We all moved indoor and had fried steaks as the charcoal fire lost its battle with the rain.

We drove slowly back in roads flooded out and roadwork barriers blown across the road with raining still falling down at past midnight. I thought the kitties should be nice and comfortable in the house with none of their usual wanderings at night.

We got back to be greeted by Dommie. By the time of past 1 am, no sight of Katie yet. I left the sliding door for her to get back in and joined us in bed.

Morning came with no Katie. My wife told me idiotic Katie back on the neighbour's roof. I could not believe my ears as the rain was still heavy in the morning and no kitty would be that stupid to remain out in the rain. I walked out and called for Katie. To be answered with her returning screams when she realised she had an audience. There she was, up on that roof again.

One would have thought she would be sensible enough not to do that and even more, not to do that when it was raining.

Calls to her to jump were answered by screams from her that I was to get a ladder. I refused as she did not climb down the ladder the last time. If she could jump down twice before, she could jump down the third time.

I had to leave it at that as I had to leave for the office.

At the beginning, the kitties were kicked out of the house when Riamfada was let into the living room. Then slowly over the months, the kitties and Riamfada were introduced together. And the kitties were allowed in the living room when Riam was there. Either they were not kicked out, or when they were out and called to be readmitted, I would slide open the screen door to let the kitties in. They stayed on the floor to watch Riam, or lazed on top of the sofa as they got used to Riam.

Riam would always meow whenever she saw a kitty.

Then over the last couple of evenings, Riamfada took to flying a loop past overhead of the kitty. Katie might be on top of sofa back next to the wall. Riam would do a fly over to circle Katie and back to the perch. That frightened me a bit as Riam was obviously provocative.

Riam might be on my lap while I played chess on Internet. Dommie jumped on my lap in all innocence not knowing Riam was there to be pushed off in a hurry.

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