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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Alone with Riamfada and kitties//Riamfada flying from named perch to named perch
This is the time of monthly reports, which kept me very busy and left me with little energy to update.

And as you know, my wife flew off to Singapore on the 5th but she will be returning to Muscat on 12, or tomorrow. So I had to be the sole upbringer of the kitties and Riamfada which took much of whatever energy that was left.

With the absence of my wife, Dommie became my lap cat again. Except he never looked sweetly on me the way he did to my wife.

The kitties were very demanding in the morning. Should I not wake up to my alarm, Dommie would sit by my head and pawed at my face until I had to get up.

They would allow me to do my toiletries. They would allow me to feed Riamfada first. They would allow me to power up the kettle.

But thats all. Then they demanded, and gave me no peace until I give them their kitty kipples. I was thinking of ignoring them until I have my coffee. Regretfully, that was very unsucessful. I guess I should be thankful enough that they allowed me to turn the kettle on first.

I introduced a new exercise to Riamfada. In the past, she would fly to me , and then from me to the various perches. I got her to fly from perch , to other named perches. It took a couple of days before she knew what I wanted. At the beginning, I had to stand by the ring perch and called her from the branch perch 'Ring, fly to the ring' before she understood me to fly to ring and get her click and treat. I then had to stand by the bar to ask her 'bar, fly to the bar' . I had to point at the bar in the same way I pointed to the ring.

Or point to the basket while cueing her ' basket, fly to the basket'

She got the hang of it, and became better and better. I need not go to those places, or even have to point to those places and she would fly to those named places as cued.

In time, I would see if she would fly to named places in sequences the way Tinkerbell did, when Tink was in good mood.

I felt that Tinkerbell was very much more sharp on the uptake, even if Tink was a real bitch at times.

Over the weekend, Riam was harnessed and placed into the cat carrier. I drove us over to Fanja, an oasis town. This was done to shake out any teething problems with her in carrier.

But without my wife and her GPS gadjet, I could not find that delightful spring near Fanja we passed by a few weeks ago.

But it was an interesting excursion for Riamfada and myself, the first long car rides where she was safely in the cat carrier.

Over the weekends, I also took Riam out on neighbourhood walks. And at the click of the gate, kitties appeared to escort us on that walk.

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