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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

New cat carrier // Dommie harness
Yesterday, after Boxing day, I went back to the office for a couple of work days prior to year end public holidays. Christmas was not a holiday, except they fell on the Oman weekend of Thurs/Friday.

I had to change some Omani Rials to US$ for my wife planning to fly to Singapore from 5th Jan to 12th Jan. Leaving me to the tender mercy of the kitties. I told her I would subject them to 13 pieces of kibbles each a day to make them stoic and better kitties, a diet she always refused to implement with the excuse she could not count.

I drove to the bank. To find that their weekends were Fri/Saturday and not opened that Saturday. Different organisations have different versions of weekends here in Oman. Maybe if I scratch hard enough, some companies might have tues/wed as weekends.

Since I was in Qurum area and near the pet shop, I drop in there as well.

I threw in the towel in trying to get Riam to like that garish orange black cat carrier. I picked up a different style cat carrier of grey top and black bottom. With mesh on top as well as on the front side.

I picked up a reelable leash. Why I did so would be better understood from events on 26 Dec 08.

We decided to go for another walk in the neighbourhood. With Riamfada and of course, Dommie decided to join us. Riam remained nicely on his perch looking about. Or on my shoulder. My wife was nicely surprised when Riamfada on my shoulder, positioned himself to poop such that that fell clearly outside me to the ground. As if he knew and took care not to poop on me. Most unlike Tink who took it as her holy duty to poop on me.

Dommie was another matter. He kind of followed us. To nice greetings from various people there. As if they knew him before. The sight of Riamfada paralysed them as if they could not make out what he was.

Dommie went into one garden, appeared on the wall, and into another.

We left him far behind until he meowed. My soft hearted wife walked back to him to find him dropping to the ground and rolling on his back with glee. Dommie got picked up, allowed himself to be carried a while before jumping on the ground. And making off into a construction site.

After calling and calling him, we decided to go back home.

After half an hour, my wife started to nag me about Dommie. How Dommie must be looking for us forlornly and terrified. So I had to go out with my wife again. To the place we last saw Dommie. Calling and calling for him. No sight of Dommie, or sound of him. We called and trudged on. And no sight of him running behind us. To when we reached our villa with heavy hearts. And seeing him sunning himself without any worries just outside.

I told her thats the last time Dommie went for a walk with us in that way. I was going to make him a Tinkerbell Harness. Dom would be in a harness next time we all go for a walk.

Thats why I bought that reelable leash. I have not made Dommie harness yet, but you all know its just a few minutes to do a harness. That would be done the moment I un-procrastinated myself.

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