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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Colors // Riamfada first lunch outing at Christmas // fishermen

I wrote the other day how my wife introduced Riamfada to colors.

During the day when I was in office, she would go in to his room to do simple step ups and touch target that I thought was safe enough. She then decided to use cloth hangers in different colors to get Riam to touch color that she called.

She showed me that one morning. I wasnt sure if Riam knew colors or it was a case of Clever Hans the horse. But I thought as long as my wife interacted with Riam, both of them would not be bored.

Then she told me during the lunch break when I was back.

"I told Riam to touch yellow, but that was not among the colors I presented to him".

I had enough of a shock to choke on my juice nearly sending it up my nose. I had visions of an annoyed CAG lunging and biting my wife for having been so tricky and perfidious with him.

I told her not to do that to Riamfada!

She then told me Riam did not respond, and accepted click and treat from her for not responding.

I then got her to show me what she did.

In addition to red, orange and yellow clothhangers, there were also this children set of numbers and alphabets in different colors. So the cloth hanger might have an A there in color purple, or an O in green.

Riam had touch the colors as indicated regardless of size or shape. And when asked to touch a color that was not there, Riam frozed.

Riam did not get angry and gave my wife a lunge as I feared. Riam seemed to like all those exercises my wife thought up.

I felt embarassed that my wife was doing even more sophisticated exercises with Riam than I did. But you all know I am laid back. And those exercises my wife did with Riam gained her some acceptance from Riam as well as you will see in later photos.

There was also a change in my routine. After I wrote about the 2 minutes training, I thought to myself that since that time was so short, I should continue with the formal clicker training that I reintroduced into the morning and lunch sessions with him as well.

With those new lanyards that we bought, I fashioned another Tinkerbell harness for Riam. The first harness I made for Riamfada weighed in at 7 grams, and more than twice the weight of Tinkerbell harness.

The new harness was about 3 grams, like Tinkerbell harness. When I placed it on Riamfada on Thursday 25 Dec, he accepted that much more than the first harness that he tried to chew off and bite. After a few token bites, he did not bother with the 2nd harness.

Riamfada still refused to accept that cat carrier. I wanted to take him out. So I made a smaller 2nd ring perch to hang in the car. Tinkerbell sat nicely on the ring perch in car and I hoped the same for Riamfada. I could not have him on my shoulder when driving.

The Flickr photo folder is here

Riamfada Christmas Lunch

There are a lot more photos in folder than shown here in this writeup.


Riam on that new ring perch in car

We were going to a seaside restaurant at Al Seeb for our Christmas lunch. For a few minutes after I drove out, all was well and Riam remained on his ring perch. Then he decided to get off and made his way to my shoulder. I pulled the car off the road to persuade him to stay on the basket or on the ring. He refused .

Then he went on my wife shoulder. After his earlier lunging at my wife, I got nervous. My wife said it was ok. And Riam might have sensed I did not want him on my shoulder when I was driving. He remained nicely on my wife shoulder. So the antics my wife did with her perfidious usage of color which was not among the choice given to Riam seemed to patch up relationship.



See that new harness on Riamfada

We reached that restaurant and sat ourselves at a table outside and ordered lunch.

I wanted to expose Riam to more events and more people this time. To broaden his experience and for him to have more confidence and poise.

Folks there come respectfully to see and admire him. Loud horns and strange noises did not faze Riamfada at all. I wondered how he accepted new shapes and things outside so readily, and at home he could spook when I drop a pack of ciggie on floor, or a newspaper caught in wash of air from him wings and flapping could scare him.



We then went to the beach there to do some flights.


On the way back, we saw a huge flock of sea gulls circling and diving in a concentrated spot in the sea. And a small boat heading there dragging a net.

We stop and got off the car to see the net being dragged up the beach.

Lots of people, lots of noises and Riam enjoying it. Or not being scared of it all.


Only video could give you a better idea.

read a rant I made that you might have missed in



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