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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Getting Riam to do a flyabout// how sickening could I get?
A faster Internet was returned to me this morning, courtesy of the French repair works on those broken undersea cables.

Some photos had been added to my Flickr.

You will see horrid Katie, and Dommie going up the ladder to try to persuade her as I related earlier. And you see photos of us and Dommie taking our walks. And how the Tinkerbell Mash Biscuits looked like. And how Riam would accompany me when I watched TV

Here are some of those photos. More are in this folder
Riam Mash Biscuits & walk

Dommie going up ladder to his crazy sister Katie

walk with Riam and Dommie and wife taking photo

walk with Riam and Dommie and wife taking photo

In the early days of clicker training with Riamfada, I would do that in the morning before I went to work, in the afternoon when I was back for lunch and in the evening. He would be given his mash and I then had my breakie or lunch and a bit of vegetating, and I would go back to Riam with clicker and sunflower seed in hand. I have told how at times he would take a break from formal clicker training and his sunflower seeds to go and munch at his mash before flying out of his cage to resume training. So I think he loved his mash as much as sunflower seeds to have done that.

Now, I would just go to see him after my breakie and before I went for work to give him a few seeds and head rubs. And the same during lunch.

It was the evening where the bulk of clicker training and play with him.

You seen in the video the response and speed of his response. I have no belief in mindless repeats after repeats. He would be bored , and I would be bored.

From time to time in the evening, I would slip out of the beaded curtains and sliding mesh door to have a ciggie outside.

So it was that way on Sunday evening when I did that. It was dark, but I guess Riamfada could still see me standing just outside keeping my eyes on him. He might be on his perch, and he would fly off, hover briefly near the door to eye me, and then continued around the room and back to the perch or the bar. He might do one and half circuit and land on ring. I love the way he did a circuit of the room and wondered if I could capitalise on that. This would be very important especially if we were outside. That the bird would fly in a big loop and return. This would be called a flyabout

In the days with Tinkerbell, she would be placed somewhere and I would do a recall. I had tried a flyabout once with her, with disasterous and spectacular results.


Other background reading

Hoping to cue for 'flyabout'

Hoping to cue for 'flyabout'2

I was thinking how I might try to teach Riam to do that flyabout clearly. With all those perches in the living room, it was too easy for him to land there instead of doing a circuit of the room to return to me.

Then I thought of the dining room. I had planned to install perches for Riamfada to be used later in 'hide & seek' recalls, recalls from sight unseen places. The branch that you seen hanging from the ring perch was one of those I planned to use in dining room. But procrastination had gotten better of me and stuff that I should have done yesterday were put off to that day after tomorrow. And that branch hung on that ring instead.

But dining room was clear, with a sofa chair used by catties to plot more mishaps on me and a small table in the corner used by my wife for Internet.

I got back into the living room to delight of Riam who flew to me immediately. We then went to the dining room, a room that we always passed through from her room to living room. I stood to the side of the room with Riam on his hand perch and looked around me. I call to her 'fly fly fly' , twisted the perch to persuade him and he took off to this new cue. With no clear landing places, he flew around the room as I thought he would. I hold up the perch as the clear landing and called out 'Come'. He landed on that perch. He basically did a circuit and came back to me.

I think he got that idea immediately.

After lots of seeds and praises, I positioned him again. At my call of 'fly fly fly', he took off without me having to twist the perch. He flew that circuit of room and came to me on come. The room was not that big. Come came at the end of fly fly fly. My fly was drawn out. So it sounded
'f l y ...f l y ... f l y ... come'.

That was repeated and done very successfully by Riam another 4-5 times.

I think I got that mechanism of a flyabout to Riam, something I could not get into Tinkerbell as you seen in above earlier writings.

This still had to be checked in the living room with those more distractions of hanging perches. And then later in the garden patio. And later on beach, desert , and top of mountains and everywhere we would go.

You known of how I tried to get Riamfada to accept that cat carrier. That cat carrier ( refered to as cc) had been placed in his room. In the evening when he was taken to living room, that cc was brought out too. In snuggle sessions, I would sit near the cc.

That cc also had a heap of sunflower seeds placed on top to encourage him to get that.

In Riam's room, that cc was placed on the trolley and kind of near his high perch.

You known from my rant below,

I was engaged in heated dispute. You will need to go to that original thread of that dispute to understand fully.

So it was on Monday morning when I woke up and stepping into Riam's room that I thought about how to further persuade Riam to accept the cc. Riam did not even want to fly there to eat the seeds in full sight of him. That dispute talked of the way you use hunger to impose your will as the bozo brothers private road to that promised land where your parrot will do and perform your will.

Talking in thread there had this insidious effect on me. Through the perfidious process that we termed as logical rationalisation, I thought I could 'persuade' Riam to accept that cc. I could not use full hunger. What I did was to give Riam a quarter of the mash portion that morning. I rationalised that I was not starving him, and he could go to the seeds on that cc, and that was for his own good.

After my breakfast, I went in to note with satisfaction Riam finished the mash and scrap clean that bowl. But I felt it strange he did not fly to me when I re-enter the room but was on his bar. He did step up slowly for me to get his seed. I moved back for recall. He slowly flap his wings in parody of flight and did not fly to me. I tried again, to get his flying parody. But unlike that parroty jokes he pulled, I sensed no humour from him. I took him out to the dining room and tried a fly fly fly with him. Instead of a full circuit of the room, he flew in a tight circle not more than a meter from me and back to the perch. And I had to twist the perch to fly him.

I had to go to work.

Then when I got back for lunch, I saw he had not gone to those seeds on cc as yet. I gave him quarter ration of mash in his cage. As I knew he liked the mash as much if not more than sunflower seeds (in the past, he had flown back to cage to eat mash in middle of formal clicker training with seeds), I had brought another bowl with mash and left that on top of the cc. After my lunch, I went to him to see he finished the mash in his cage and was on his bar. I went in with full formal clicker regalia. To get that flight parody from Riam.

I rationalised that was for his own good that I had to be strong and compelled him.

I got back from work in the late afternoon. He made no attempt to get that bowl of mash on top of the cc, or those seeds.

I folded.

I took that bowl from top of cc and hold that to him on the bar. He sank his head in and took a gobble of mash. I thought he was going to eat and eat. He then got his head out after that single gobble and head rub me with his head on my finger holding that bowl. He followed that with a gentle nibble on my finger. He then took another bite of mash, and head rubbed me, and nibbled me. And again, and again.

I felt so ashamed from what he was doing to me.

I stood there in atonement, with waves after waves of remorse in me. As to how I could have done that to him, using hunger to compel him, as if he was not my equal. I felt with shame how I could be so easily contaminated from writings of bozo brothers I spoke against. I promised Riamfada that never ever would I ever compel him with hunger again and I would always remembered he is my equal. And this episode would always be remembered with shame on my part.

Later in the evening when I tried the fly fly fly come, I was sad he did not do that full circuit of the dining room like he did the first time. I accepted that in humility as the cost of my disasterous use of hunger on him.

This morning, Tuesday morning, I went in to give him his full mash ration. I came back after my breakie to see with satisfaction that he ate much of it with some left over. I was holding perch and clicker, formal clicker regalia.

He flew to me when I entered the room. He did all the recalls and fly to perch, fly to bar with military precision to the cues.

I still want him to accept that cat carrier. But that will never ever be done using hunger to force him to do so.

read a rant I made that you might have missed in



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