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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Tink Mash Biscuits/Riam knew colors/fistful of lanyards

What happened over that last Thurs/Friday weekend was more than I cared to write in one sitting.

On 10th Dec, I wrote about the making of biscuits from Tink Mash.

The mash tend to go sour in hours, and I hoped the turning of mash into biscuits might last longer. So if we had to go a few days away, those biscuits might last longer for Riamfada.

I last reported kitties turned up their noses. But let us bear in mind the one that mattered was Riamfada.

I kept those biscuits in the freezer, but on Thursday, I took a batch to thaw in the fridge.

So on Sunday, I introduced those biscuits to Riam in the morning. I was very pleased he ate them all. That included those he had not eaten in the morning, but he ate them in the afternoon as well. Riam would not eat the mash after 3-4 hours and I had to throw that away and gave him fresh mash.

The trial went on for Saturday as well. He finished half by time I came back for lunch, and all of that by time I got back in the evening.

Next trial will involve in leaving Tink Mash biscuits outside the fridge for a couple of days and if he still will take the Tink Mash biscuits then.

If thats ok, maybe I do that for parrots in Muscat.

And then the world :-)

Any of you want to give me advance orders? :-)

I came back for lunch at 1245 and was surprised to see my wife waiting outside the gates with Dommie. She was supposed to be off by 12 pm to see dentist. The taxi controller fouled up with the poor taxi waiting elsewhere.

While waiting with my wife, she told me in an excited voice of a sweeti pie that she got something to tell me. I said 'yes dear' thinking it would be another revelation from her coffee group or something on beading or other boring stuff.

'Riamfada knows color'. It was cryptic , and frustrating, but she loved to dangle me on. She would go to Riam's room. I told her no handshake, or high fives as I seen Riamfada lunge to be fierce and I did not know when if that lunge be real. That she should do only simple step ups and touch target with Riam.

In Riam's room were plastic coat hangers, red, orange, and yellow. That morning my wife introduced them to Riam and told Riam the color. She then offered those three to Riam. On touch red, Riam touched the red, on touch orange, Riam did that as well as for yellow.

That pleased me but that did not surprised me that Riam knew colors. I guessed Riam was bored with simple step ups and touch target as well. I was impressed that they did that in one simple session together without me at all.

Those kind of sessions would be good for my wife and Riam for bonding. And the bonding will be the important part. And the excitment it must have given to both of them, that life is fun.

Then the taxi came and she went off. I walked back home with Dommie.

I was not going to replicate that color touching. I have not seen my wife doing that with Riam as yet. I did not doubt her at all and in time, we will video that for the record.

I was always pressed for time. I rather focus on the flight element, and improving Riamfada's home environment. And turning Riamfada into doing a whole load of tricks would be too much for a laid back procrastinator like yours truly.

But one thing struck me. BJ thought orange might be a warning sign that put Riamfada off from that cat carrier. The orange of that coat hanger was almost similar to cat carrier. And Riam had no qualms. But that coat hanger was out in open in Riam's room since day 1 (you all recall I hang coat hangers in Tinkerbell cage for her to play).

Later in afternoon after work I drove to pick up my wife after her dentistry.
Since we were in that part of town, we decided to drive to the vet in Qurum to pick up Frontline for the kitties. As the kitties were roaming about and walking about with us, we needed stuff against ticks and fleas that they might pick up. I always thought those kitties had lots of exercises in former apartment. But that was nothing compared to life in villa which included neighbour trees. Kitties had none of the fat that I thought was usual in the past. Notwithstanding they ate me almost out of house and home, they were slick and muscular.

Since we were there, we looked for another cat carrier. Those carriers in the vet looked just like the one we got.

We then went to the petshop in SAPCO hoping to find different carriers.

Near that complex, we saw a shop that my wife told me stocked stuff for arts. I hoped to get a Dremel tool so we went in. We did not get that Dremel.

But they had loads of lanyards. Softer and lighter than the current one used for Riamfada. Riamfada Tinkerbell Harness weighed in at 7 grams , instead of the 3 grams for Tink harness.

I bought a fistful of lanyards, literally for pennies.
I think Riam would be very happy with new lanyard, my happiness is immaterial.

And no suitable carriers were found in SAPCO petshop.

So not getting another carrier for Riam was not for want of trying.
I guess I need to persist on my attempts to get Riam like the present cat carrier.

We went back. I fitted the drinking bowls on the bar. What I did over the weekend was to silicon cement stainless bowls on the sliding ends of the parallel bars. Another identical stainless steel bowl then fit into those bowls. That would provide water and food on far ends of the bar for Riamfada.

Riamfada loved the new drinking and food bowls.

I took Riam to bed in his room later in the evening.

I then did the same for the stainless steel insert of parallel bar in Riam room.

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