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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Riamfada 2nd Outing
Today is Wednesday, and evening now. Just before the start of the weekend.

The workweek started on Sunday. And time of monthly report that kept me busy until now.

Of course, that event of Madoff and the 50 billion dollars that he send into a financial black hole gripped me too. And my usual bouts of procrastinatings, and forays to new restaurants.

Lack of time now consigned that to my literary blackhole to my regrets. What I do not write would be forgotten later.

Thank you all for all your comments, both public and private.

BJ at MoccasinLanding, I wish I can write more to you, but not now as I am pressed for time.

For yaymatt who lost track of me, go into


Part 5 & 6 & 7 will answer you.

Now back to Riamfada's 2nd outing.

Saturday 13 Dec, the next day, was still a public holiday. That first outing with Riamfada on friday the day before was rather successful. So on that morning while fixing breakfast, I dreamed of a more glorious 2nd outing than that first.

Through the bacon and eggs, I thought of going with Riamfada to the streams , dragonflies and fishes of Al Khouad and then later on to that delightful wadi at Fanja. Al Khouad was less than 30 minutes away, and on the way to Fanja not more than an hour away. I had that day all planned out , and flights of Riamfada could be taken with reed beds of Al Khouad in the background, or the mountains of Fanja in the background.

With that greater distances and time to travel, Riamfada would need to be in the cat carrier for better security while we were driving there. The cat carrier would also serve as a security in between the flights. You have seen in the outings with Tinkerbell how that cat carrier served as a home and comfort zone for her whenever we went out.

So after breakfast, I searched for that cat carrier. To be told by dear wife thats in the laundry room, a separate building at the back of the villa. I found it easily and took it to the living room.

I then went to Riamfada's room to take him out. When he came into the living room, instead of treating that cat carrier with fondness, Riam freaked out. When I took him to that carrier, he bend his body away, and when I was still 3 meters away, he flew off to the bars. He stepped up, but any approach to that carrier would get him freaking out and flying back to the bar. I took the carrier to him on that bar and he flew off to the ring.

I recognised that perhaps he did not like that carrier. And to get him to be used to that would take a long while, and definately not in time for that day outing.

Then I reckoned that perhaps if I tied a line at the base of the basket handle, his line could be looped around there and he would understand that he should remain on the basket handle.

After all, Tinkerbell stayed nicely on her travel basket during the times we drove in Taiwan.

Riamfada was harnessed and on his basket with line looped onto that restraining line on basket handle. My wife took that basket on lap and we drove off.

With that change, I knew Al Khouad and Fanja would have to wait until I could get him into that cat carrier. I changed the plan to take us to the beach at Shatti where in some forum, a person wrote many shells were found on that beach only 30 minutes away.

As I drove out of the house, Riamfada started to get off that handle to make his way to my shoulder. I told my wife to hold that line .

She squealed Riamfada was giving her the evil eye while dragging his way to my shoulder.

I gave in and asked her to release that line to allow him to my shoulder. While Riam remained nicely and peacefully on my shoulder, I recognised it would not be safe to assume he would do so all the time.

That was why we ended up at the Wave,a luxury housing estate development a mere 6 minutes away from our villa and a minute further down from where we were on that first outing.

We enjoyed ourselves there. Riamfada was a lot more alert and a lot more settled then that first outing. He took much more interest in the surroundings.

And I was glad that we did not went further. His alertness extended to his harness. I made it the way I last made Tinkerbell harness. I forgot Tink had gotten very used to her harness at that point.

Riamfada investigated my binding on that chest. What was enough to hold Tink who accepted the harness at that point was not enough to hold Riamfada.

When we got back into the car, my wife pointed out he took out that binding which consisted of just simple whipping and one series of knots. We got back home. By holding the harness at that point, I got Riamfada back into the living room.

I fixed that binding by 6-7 series of whippings and knots instead of just one. That was the way that was originally done on Tinkerbell harness before I reduced that to just 1-2 series of whippings and knots. That way, by the time he got to that final series of whipping and knots, that could be seen well before that.

Then over the next few days, I tried to get him used to the cat carrier. I placed that in his room. Then in the evenings, I took out the carrier into the living room.

He was still very leery of that carrier even at this time of the writing on evening of Wednesday.

We would be out later at yet another new restaurant with friends later this evening. Life is more than time with parrot.

And I still would have to take Riam and be with him before we go out for dinner.

Have a look at the cat carrier he disliked. I was thinking perhaps I need to get another carrier, in shade of blue.

In photo directly below, you noticed the basket tied to the perch.

And it next photo, a driftwood tied to ring perch. Riam loved to go around the ring and I thought the weight of driftwood gave some stability. Then I added whippings around the smooth driftwood so he could climb up and down as well.

There is a lot more I wanted to write. But I only have 30 minutes now to be with Riam before I put him to bed and we go for dinner.

So I have to go now.









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