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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

harness loop on and making of Tinkerbell Mash Biscuits

Lindsay of (http://bscphoto.com) wrote


I am COMPLETELY addicted to your posts. I LOVE the stories about your bird. I had an african grey at one time, it was sad because the mother of the bird ate his feet off and because of this, he couldnt have the freedom your bird has because even though flying wasnt an issue, LANDING was very dangerous..

Thanks for posting, its really amazing"

Thank you Lindsay.

I feel that much less lonely writing my journal entries.

I do have this lady friend who have a CAG without feet too. Not the easiest to look after, but with padded perches (basically cushions) landing became more manageable.

And another lady friend with a blind CAG. And who gave each other very much love. Should a CAG be blind and footless and given to me, I would have taken him/her in and I be happy to be able to give him/her love and care and I be honored by his/her trust in me.

Any bird, even if he/she does not talk, or cannot walk, or cannot see, will still be treasured. Just as if a human who might not be able to talk, walk or see, is still a human and to be respected and honored as well.

A couple weeks ago, there were a very long weekend with the 2 days Oman National Day holidays. I was not able to enjoy that as I was sick and recovering from a bad bug.

This week was a very short week. After working on Sat/Sun, we had a long break from Monday to Sat for the Eid Al Adha festivals and will return to work on this coming Sunday. The Eid Al Adha was to do with the annual Haj pilgrimage to Mecca.

I was well this time and able to enjoy the holidays unlike the last time.

So much so that on Sunday, I planned to take my wife to Rock Bottom for their huge wonderful steak. I called Paul to join us. Then I called Rock Bottom to make a booking that night and was told that they would be closed for night and next two days as that was a 'dry time' in respect of the Eid Al Adha festivals. Then we talked and that we all could have a BBQ instead at Tim's place where he had an ample stock that he was proud of.

And one Monday, me and my wife, Paul, Jacques and Tim of course, gathered at Tim's apartment. He had a nice balcony with BBQ that we had a great lunch of steaks and Tim's signature potato chips. I never had more delicious chips than Tim's chips that he proudly made.

Originally uploaded by shimmertje.

You can see above part of Tim's proud collection where he and his friends will never go thirsty.

And after that steak, Tim educated us all with his collection of whiskeys, Irish and Scotch and others. And with the drinks, Tim and Paul Irish heritage came out, and rousing Irish CDs were brought out and played and we stood and drank to the health of Ireland and happiness and to the world. A much better topic than finanical gloom and doom. The lunch was so long that it ended around 10 pm or so.

Then on the next day, me and my wife tried to find the embedded wadi at Al Khouad. Notwithstanding I had a 4WD, I looked at where the road ended and decided it was better to check Nassim Gardens instead. We tried to find that before. This time, we had better directions and found ourself in a huge park. With plenty of trees providing shade and at least half a dozen cricket games going on.

The next day, it was a late brunch with Joe and Tilly at Sultan Center in Qurum.

Of course, a lot more time was also spend with Riamfada.


Getting Riamfada used to the harness material

Getting Riamfada used to the harness material

Then on Tuesday, I made the Tinkerbell Harness head loop. Riam was already used to me hanging the lanyard on his head. I told him 'harness', put it on, and click and treat. I did that many times. Got him to fly to bar, fly to perch with that head loop on.

You can see some of that in photos below


Riamfada on perch with Tink Harness head loop on


Riamfada on perch with Tink Harness head loop on

This was done on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was in no hurry to get the full harness on. Just like I was in no hurry to file his nails and preferred to give him a few days, before I went on to file his nails with his total cooperation.

I knew I was well on track to taking Riamfada outdoors in his Tinkerbell Harness. Quite likely to be done before this holiday break is over.

In addition, I added a thick piece of sisal rope onto his branch perch for him to hang on to enrich his living environment.

Originally uploaded by shanlung

You can see that above as I took Dommie in my hand to familiar him with Riamfada. You hear in the background the whistling of Mocking Bird hill that I used Wavepad to arrange a few bars of whistling with 8 or so seconds between them. And 9 minutes of silence at the end, after which another piece of whistling played.

Originally uploaded by shanlung

You can see Riamfada hanging on the dangling sisal rope and doing touch target with me

Originally uploaded by shanlung

Kattie saying hi to Riamfada when he was on the ring.

Riam flew freely. And he in his own way, had flown to all those perches, from the solid parallel bars, to the perch, to the ring and the basket.


On Wednesday 10 Dec, I also experimented in trying to transform Tinkerbell Mash into Tinkerbell Biscuit. I took 6 baggies of the Mash. My wife bought for me 'cookie press & icing set'. I mashed that mash after defrosting them. I stuffed the mashed mash into that cookie press and squeezed strings of the mash out. That was placed into the oven where I tried to bake them into hard biscuit. Hopefully to last longer than just a day. The mash would turn sour within the day.

Perhaps the baked mash might last longer.

I have yet to test if Riamfada would like the mash biscuit.

It was ominous that the kitties turned up their noses on this 'biscuit' when I gave some to them.


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