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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

parroty joke on me and wife, harnessing Riamfada, beaded windows wavepad
I made some modifications to the ring perch when I came back from work.

I cut a short piece of rattan cane to add as a stiffener to the bottom of the thick sisal rope ring perch. That 'ring' now became a 'square'. At least, this stop that ring from deforming too much when Riamfada got onto it.

Then he was taken out to the living room. We went through those training routines.

Except that the different perches now had names. At cues of 'fly to bar, GO' 'fly to perch , GO' , 'fly to ring , GO' 'fly to basket, GO' he fly to those places.

Of course, I help him by facing him to appropriate places.

In time, he would not be facing those places and I would fly him as named. Thats what I had done with Tinkerbell, and Tink flew in the sequences as requested, when she felt nice to me. When she was annoyed with me, she would deliberately fly in sequences in opposite order.

Riam love that modification to that ring perch. It seemed to make it more wobbly especially as he moved on the bottom, gaining more confidence with each movement he made.

I got my wife to do part of the training. I knew he would not fly to her on recall. But at the simple step up from the bar, Riamfada froze like a rock. No changes in him even when I hold the perch with my wife.

My wife moved away and only then he stepped up.

I then got my wife to do touch target. Riamfada accepted this bending his head up, or down, to left, to right.

I told my wife to do handshake, keeping a sharp eye on Riam. Riam froze, and I watched him closely, but detect nothing malevolent from him. I had a shock when my wife finger was closer and Riamfada lunged at the finger. I shouted at Riam my displeasure.

Then my wife told me she was not bitten as I feared. Riam did that lunge, but did not bite. So my reading of him was correct, that he was not biting.

Maybe another of his parroty joke on my wife and me.

I shared my thoughts with my wife that perhaps I not feed him prior to training so Riam more obligated to do as told to my wife. She quickly objected. And that we continued as always. That Riam too much of our equal for us to use hunger on him to force him to train for his supper, no matter how lofty that goal might be such as being nice to my wife.

I wrote the other day that Riam screamed when the lanyard was brought over his head. I thought I would have a good week before I get him over his fear. Accepting loop over head is so important as precursor to wearing harness. I had primed him to accept my hands all over, under his wings, stroking his belly etc etc.

He was still reluctant to have the lanyard over his head. So I used that to stroke his beak, the side of his head. Each time, I did a click and treat. Then I got him to my lap, and sweet talked to him how important the harness is for us to be out while giving him head rubs. Then the lanyard was used to give him head rubs. Then I opened the lanyard to a loop, and loop him slowly and gently on the neck.

All the time talking to him. While drawing the loop up and down on his neck with his head through the loop. I took off the loop, and placed it back on him again , a few times.

I got him to the bar, and loop his head again.

It went easier and faster than I expected. I was even able to loop him over the head, brought the loop onto his chest, and measured out the size of the head loop.

I still have not made that harness yet. But that would be very soon.

Riamfada was vocal. Lots of whistling from him. I regret my whistling so bad that I would not like to be his role model.

There are many songs I liked, and I would like Riam to do some bars from those songs.

I google for audio editor and found wavepad sound editor that I downloaded.

I could cut bars from songs. I could repeat those bars, with seconds of silence between them, to get perfect repeats and with greater complexity further on into those sound files.

Very easy to use and intuitive as they claimed it to be.

This evening I will be getting a good speaker system for my laptop.

My wife finally got to uploading for me the photos of some of the stuff I mentioned earlier.


string of beads down open windows


bead curtains across Riamfada door. He flew through this as I mentioned a few days ago!


Riamfada on ring perch
You can see string of beads hanging down and shower curtains. It was night so those curtains were not drawn across the windows.


feeding bowl silicon cemented onto perch. Shower curtains in background. Riamfada not in living room, or those curtains would be drawn across during daytime.


Inside Riamfada's room. You see perch and Riam on bars. Nothing across windows as Riam clearly knew of glass here in the weeks he was in that room.
I am not that paranoid.


Joe and Jr with Riam


Joe Jr and me with Riamfada

Video of wobbly ring perch swinging with Riamfada

My wife also uploaded into her Flickr lots of photos of life in Oman

Originally uploaded by shimmertje.

Then photos of us in Al Khouad and Fanja

Originally uploaded by shimmertje.

Originally uploaded by shimmertje.

Go to my wife flickr for more

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