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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Ring perch, travels to tombs and harness intro to Riamfada

It was on Wednesday evening when I got back from office that I decided Riamfada be introduced again to that even more wobbly ring perch that I made out of thick sisal rope.

You know that I felt the very wobbliness of that perch would help his balance and give him even more confidence. And I was not prepared to let my efforts to make that perch be wasted. And later on , similar ring perch would be used in the car as his travelling perch.

So Riamfada was taken to living room , to be on his parallel bar perches that I called the bar. We did all those exercises. Then onto the branch perch, which I called the perch. My wife also took him through some of those exercises with clicker, but not the recalls. At later stage, I would have my wife do recalls with him as well.

I then get Riam to step up on hand perch and took him to the ring perch (referred as ring). He showed aversion, and as I took him near enough to step onto the ring, he flew off back to the bar.

I stood next to the ring perch , hold the hand perch up and cued him to come. He flew towards me, circled around me , and went to the perch.

The next recall got him flying to me and landing on the hand perch. As he was taken to the ring, he took off and flew to the bar.

He liked sunflower seeds, but he really love the fruit juice. So I poured myself a glass from the jug. Hold up the hand perch and he flew to me even before I gave the cue. He got a small sip from the glass. I moved him to the ring and hold the glass in such obvious way that he knew he had to be on the ring before I gave him the glass.

The choice was on him, no getting on ring, then no getting of that juice.

He looked at me a few seconds, then he got to that ring. To be told what a good boy he was, and given that glass for a couple of long drinks of orange/lemon juice mix.

I then took up seeds and gave him one at a time. Then the target stick was given to him to touch target and to make him move about that ring.

I started swinging that ring, and at end of each swing, he got a seed. He quickly got into rythmn, and at end of each swing, he focused on my hand and timed his beak to get the seed. And I induced the ring to rotate as well as swinging. He seemed to enjoy that new experience.

And his fear of that ring was no more.

My wife had plans for that Wednesday evening. Here is a letter that she wrote and send to all parties.

Dinner tonight 7.30pm at the Zanzibar Island Restaurant in Ghubra

-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Dear friends,

As mentioned by SMS we're now going for dinner at the Zanzibar Island
Restaurant in Ghubra instead of the Africa restaurant at the
roundabout in Mawaleh as Salha (who is Zanzibari) says it has better
food. Both of the reviews below are promising but may not be recent.

I hope my directions make sense. If all else fails, I have the number
for the restaurant below:

If you're going from Ghubra to Al Khuwair, you'll pass a Porsche
showoom on your far left just before reaching the Al Khuwair service
road. The restaurant is on the side where the Porsche showroom and
Bowshar Hotel are but on a service road parallel to the main road.

When you go from Al Khuwair to Ghubra the Porsche showroom is on your
right, after which you see the Waleed Pharmacy (blue letters) on the
service road, after which you pass a Shell Station on the side of the
main road. You can enter the service road by way of the Shell station;
turn right to get into the Shell and then right again at the service
road. All the shops would then be on the left.

The restaurant is called Zanzibar Island, next to the Al Rayan Barber
shop, and someplace near the Waleed pharmacy.

The location of the Porsche showroom is marked on Wikimapia at
It's that square within a square almost in the centre of the screen,
and says "porshe showroom".

From http://omancommunityblog.blogspot.com/2007_07_01_archive.html
",,,Porsche road, below the shell station and around the corner from
Zanzibar Island Restaurant. Which serves the best lunch around, by the
way. I digress..."

Zanzibar Island Restaurant
and Coffee Shop 24 497783

From http://www.omantoday.co.om/disCon.aspx?Cval=17
"Near Porsche showroom, Al Ghubrah
Open 9am–4.30pm and 6pm–11pm, this cheerful restaurant is decorated
with zebra prints and East African art to complement the Zanzibari
cuisine, which also has influences from Kerala. In the evening, the
restaurant serves a buffet (RO2.5 per head)"

There should be 8 of us and 2 babies there:
Ali and Bob
Joe and Tilly and baby
Salha and cousin and baby
KC and I

Jacques and Dawn haven't replied yet, and Arica and Christiana wanted
to come but they're going on holiday to Indonesia this evening! They
MIGHT come anyway, I understand it's an evening flight.

Warm regards,

Jacques and Dawn could not come. Arica and Christinia came as their flight was at 1am the next day. And they were eager to try yet another new restaurant.

When me and wife first got there at 715pm, it did not auger well. No one were in the restuarant. A sign of a good restaurant would be lots of people there. Then the manager told us they ran out of food. Which to me was redeeming to the lack of people there. We told that manager no problem to wait for the next batch of food to be cooked up.

Time passed quickly in chitchat. Then the food came. It was very basic. Unleaven bread done Zanzibar style. Very tasty and warm. Then plates of beans. And plates of curried meat. The curry was distintively different from the Indian and thai curries. Very meaty, rich and very nice.

And meal with drinks came to 1.5 OR per head. Very tasty and filling too.

Salha the Zanzibari expert with her son was warmly welcomed with her beautiful cousin. You can expect to hear more of them in future.

Thursday morning Riamfada was taken to living room after our heavy breakfast.

No problem this time of taking him to that ring perch. He was left along from time to time to do his thing, while I played chess. His voilational flights were made to the bar, to the perch, to back of sofa and to my shoulder. But so far, not to the ring. But he only got onto that ring last night.

He was then taken back to his room in late morning.

There was this place with ancient 4000 years old tombs that my wife read about. Those were known as the 'beehive tombs' and at the village of Halban not that far away from where we lived at North Al Hail. Abut 30km as a matter of fact.

We used http://home.hetnet.nl/~lilian_jan_schreurs/oman/halbanhive.htm as the guide.

Since my wife had not loaded up the photos yet, you can see photos of the tombs in above URL

The tombs were clustered on a desolate knoll. Much efforts had been made to put up those rocks into beehive-like cairns. I placed on hand on those rocks, and thought to those days 4000++ years ago when other hands moved and placed those rocks. Perhaps instead of desert-like surroundings, that area might have been wooded and with flocks of animals roaming about.

In time, we had to leave. Earlier on, we seen directions to Fanja. We followed those directions to drive through and up beautiful mountains at the back of Fanja. We came down that road across a wadi with water running out of springs at the base. WIth lush green reeds, crystal clear water and loach-like fishes in abundance. The water was drained off in falaj to other fields.

We came back home in mid afternoon. And Riam was taken out again to living room. And back to his room at about 7pm. This was unlike Tinkerbell who lived with us almost all the time and slept rather late.

Friday was the next day. Riamfada was not taken to join us in the living room that morning. My Man Friday was going for holiday in Salalah and was working on Friday morning in lieu of Sunday. With doors opened, I thought it to be safer with Riamfada remaining in his room. And of course, I spend time with him in his room.

In the afternoon, we checked out a new Thai restuarant recommended to me. That was Lai Thai restaurant near the KFC/Papa John fast food next to Radisson Hotel and opposite the Great Kabab Factory. The padthai and the beef soup noodle we had were good. Other dishes looked good and smelled good too. I recommend this should you want to try Thai food in Muscat. Quite inexpensive as well by Oman standard.

We then went to this book fair in the Sur ballroom of Muscat Holiday Hotel in Al Khuwair. That book fair was bigger than I thought and we picked up yet more books. Picking of books was more by habit as I was doing hardly any reading since Riamfada came to me.

Since we were in that area, we decided to pick up a batch of pork belly from Safire supermarket in Madinat as Sultan Qaboos. I spoke of my making a batch of Dongpo rou from what I bought from the pork shop near Qurum Lulu. That was cheap there, but 80% was fat. What was worse was that I modified the recipe. What I cooked was ok if recooked with fried rice, or used in soup noodles. I used too much soya sauce that time.

We decided it be best if I did a new batch , with pork belly with more meat than fat, and go back to the original recipe.

We got back home and Riamfada liberated into the living room.

I could hardly say we trained again. It was more of interacting and playing between the two of us. From time to time, he did his thing and I played chess. He then decided to fly to my shoulder for his head rubs, or fly to my lap.

So far so good as he did not rip off the keyboard and mouse the way Tink would do should she knew I was playing chess.

I knew what I would be using for Riamfada harness. I had this building pass on a blue soft lanyard around my neck. Of double weave material and much better than the white shoelaces my wife bought. That would look better as well.

Earlier on, I wrote that your bird should first be flowned in big covered area prior to harness. But that was for Tinkerbell, and that was in Taipei where I could find big covered areas. I could not find that here in Muscat. If I could, I would have taken Riamfada there.

I also have the experience with Tinkerbell. I strongly suggest that you should do flying in semi free flight in covered areas prior to taking your parrot out on harness.

I also wrote of doing hide and seek recalls, recalls made sight unseen with Riamfada in different room. I probably do this prior taking Riamfada outside on harness.

But I would not be flying Riam over 60 -70 -90 meters the way I did with Tink.
I just wanted to take Riamfada outside.

So harness would be required, and I got the parts needed.

I took the lanyard and stroked Riam. He withdrew very visibily. I tried to loop over his head very slowly, and he withdrew more. I got that loop over him, and he screamed blue murder. He flew off with the lanyard and my building entry card. That card got caught on my laptop screen and toppled that laptop from the stand to the table. Riamfada dropped to the floor with the lanyard on him and he screaming away.

I took the lanyard off and comforted him.

I had not realised how much against he was on things looped over his head.

Perhaps his former owner stuffed him into some harness and he hated it.

But not to worry.

I think I will get him to like the loop, and later on the harness.

After all, when he first came to me, he did not like stepping up on hand or on stick.

He did not liked the perch, and neither did he liked the ring.

I would not stuff him into a harness, but I think I will get him to stuff himself into that harness.

It would just take a bit of time.

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice


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