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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

Procrastinatings of a Tinkerbell harness maker and a fool and his money...

You cannot blame pure procrastinations to the delays in making of a Tinkerbell harness.

Things such as fate do intervene as well.

I did have a huge reel of Dyneema braided fishing line that my wife bought for me in Carrefour , Muscat City Center. But I needed the swivels, fastening clips and reel as well. In time, I might get to that rod and reel as well. Since I had no intention of flying Riamfada far like Tinkerbell on 60-70 meters recall, something simple would do for the time being.

I recalled this fishing shop near the waterfront of Al Seeb fishing village. I also wanted more of the thick sisal rope. Living room parallel bars had only thinner sisal rope criss crossing the bars.

So that was where we went on Sunday 30 Nov evening.

I also wanted to find if other interesting restuarants were nearby to add to the one by the petrol station or the one we went to in Al Seeb.

I took another route to Al Seeb by gut feel, to find more laundry shops and tailoring shops with a few uninteresting coffeeshops. Then we came across this big looking place ' X X X Resort' with a big sign of 'restaurant and bar' and an impressive number of cars parked outside. The greed and gourmet in me visualised an excellent restaurant we just discovered filled with people.

So instead of dining in restuarant 'Wave' at Al Seeb, we would buy the fishing stuff for harness , the thick sisal rope and returned to this new restaurant.

In Al Seeb, that fishing shop was closed. In all our visits there, that fishing tackle shop was always opened when I did not think of buying anything there. And when I went there specifically that night, that shop was closed. It was fated that I should procrastinate longer on making that harness. But I bought 7 meters of thick sisal rope.

We then drove back to that resort. Small signs to 'restaurant' pointed us to the back of that building. To a 'Green Room' with subdued green lighting that we saw from partially opened window. I thought strange lighting for a restaurant. I opened the door to see the most humongous of a bar with many tiny tables. Packed with Omani gentlemen , having their beers, their cocktails.

So I understood why so many cars were outside, and with taxis bring more there. Not to the food, but to a discrete bar.

Thats why I called this place X X X resort. I think folks there would appreciate if that bar remained discrete as good Muslims were not supposed to drink. I am a firm believer to each their pleasure as long as it did not harm or hurt others. Life is short as it is and may get shorter still with global warming. So drinking , or smoking herbs , or whatever would be a better way than getting millions by playing with billions or shooting or blowing up your fellow man.

We were still hungry. We of course had that choice of our restaurant by petrol station. But since we had wanted to try something new, we thought of trying the other restaurant we seen just next to this restaurant. The light in the walled garden of that other restaurant was always very dim, and the big screen showing football games were dim too.

We parked the car and walked into the other restaurant. To find low benches and cushions, and lots of guys there smoking shisha, the Arabic water pipes. Then I understood why the lights were dim. All shisha places have dim lights to have this mellow atmosphere. Pity only tobacco is smoked.

We had to go back to our regular restaurant. To have the same chicken manchurian and beef masala and that wonderful prata.

On Monday, my wife tried to organise a dining out at this Moroccan Menkes Restaurant at Al Khuwair.

None of our friends were able to make it that night. It did not matter as we felt we would do well just enjoying our own company.

I got back from work and was enjoying my ciggie in the villa compound just after giving Riamfada his mash prior to taking him into living room.

The bell rang on the outside gate.

I opened that to find a nicely dressed gentleman in Omani outfit standing outside. He shook my hands and said that he lived in the villa across the road. And that he wished to welcome me to the neighbourhood. That he hoped I could go over to his villa sometime soon. That he had this wonderful chef with mouth watering concoctions that he loved to share.

You recalled I have had good meetings with the two neighbours living alongside my house. I always have had respect for the warmth and friendliness of the Omanis I encountered.

I invited him into the house to meet my wife. He then gave her his phone number so we could keep in touch. He was very genial.

Then he told me he had a small problem, that his dad was ill and he had to rush back home but left his wallet in his office, and not enough money to pay the doctor he called. If I could loan him 50 OR that he would pay back later.

I said no problem and I did that. I told him we were going out for dinner. He told me I should call him when I came back and he would repay me.

After he left, my wife told me she was trying to signal to me that she felt that was a scam. I failed to notice her signs to me.

It was a bit late then, and we went off for that dinner. I got to say the chicken cooked olives and lemon and the lamb tajine with dry plums were delicious.

We got back home, and I made that call to the number he left behind. To be told the number did not exist.

A fool and his money is parted. That was not the first time.

I could have called that number first before giving him the money. I should have seen my wife trying to signal me. I should have tossed him out the moment he talked of his sick dad.

Hindsight is as wonderful as it is useless. I will gladly give up all my skills in hindsight for that wee bit more of foresight.

That is not likely to be the last time either.

In defence, I could only say he was so smooth and did his act so well.
That he could not do that to me, or the same act would not work again is small comfort.

New acts be dreamed up, and new actors enter the scene.

If it was a 'get rich' scheme, or a 'special offer' 'too good to be true', those would never work with me as 'too good to be true' will be too good to be true.

I wondered why that guy did not join a bank or financial institution instead to make even more money. With deft packaging of toxic debts into good sounding names like 'Pinnacle Notes' , 'Retirement Grade Investments', billions had been ripped off the rich and the not so rich and the outright poor so pin-suited entities could have their millions in bonuses.

The money ripped from me is small change and did not seem so bad in comparison.

I decided to do better things that evening.

Which was to take out the thinner sisal ropes and used the thicker sisal ropes on the living room parallel bar.

A short lenght of thick sisal rope was fashioned into a ring with a short piece of cable duct on top to stiffen that slightly. You recalled that Tinkerbell loved that ring perch that I made for her. It was flimsy, and wobbly, but she really loved that first perch I made for her over all the other better perches I did later. Here is an old video on Tink on that ring perch with HT and Zorro having a life/death struggle below with Tink screaming at them.


On Tuesday evening when Riamfada was taken to the living room, we did our usual exercises. Riamfada was nice to my wife, doing his step ups , handshake, target touching with her. No nipping of my wife either which was all she hoped for. Then it came to recall with my wife. Riam just looked at her. Then when I joined my wife to hold the recall perch, Riam looked away. None of the shiverings that I wrote about the last time. He was not prepared to fly to my wife at her recalls, or my recalls. When she stood away and I hold the perch, he immediately flew to me.

I introduced him to that ring perch I hung up. Riam was reluctant. I started that ring swinging, and swaying. He stayed on a while, and flew off.

After that, he did not want to get on that ring perch again. I would persist in that as ring perch would be a good mount for him in the car as well. Wobbly perch would help him gain confidence and agility the way I felt it did for Tinkerbell.

Then he was brought back to his room for sleep.

And we drove out. To this 'pork shop' opposite the Lulu near Muttrah. Through a tedious traffic jam past Ruwi. But the pork belly there was half the price at supermarkets. Another 8 trips of that, I would make back what I thrown away the other night.

And one day I will write of the recipe I created for cooking pork belly overnight that made it delicious and so yummy. I missed pork belly of Taiwan, and I been doing this ever since my Australian days. If you love charsiew in the best of Japanese charsiew ramen, thats what my pork belly aspired to, and came very close to. I think I am proud of the pork belly, or Dong Po Rou.
provide you a nice picture. My recipe is different and still being refined each time. Current recipe required a good dose of Southern Comfort as no wine is sold here.

Since we were there, we drove on to a fishing tackle shop near that fish roundabout in Muttrah. Which was opened. And I picked up the swivel joints, and plastic reel so I could get started on the harness.

Picked up takeaway dinner from E-One restaurant on way back. Had dinner at home prior to further procrastinating on that harness making.

If what I wrote help you and you like to help, give a thought
for the wildlife sharing our planet.
Do write that cheque to Gerald Durrell wildlife trust


or to any wildlife conservation body of your choice


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