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Tinkerbell Legacy - Living with a flying parrot

What happened to Tinkerbell? wife training and mashed mash
That was asked of me by prairieprincess in last entry.

I could not answer her then that Tinkerbell was fine as at last time I spoke to Yu a short while before Riamfada came into our lives.

And whether Riam came or not, Tinkerbell will always be a part of me, and I suspect, a part of all of your life as well. Bitchy as she could be from time to time, Tinkerbell will always be loved by all of us.

I could not write an answer to that question until I made a call to Mr Yu yesterday evening when I got back from work. I also need to let him know of Riamfada as well. That the coming of Riamfada affected not the relationship that existed between me and all in Taiwan.

I spoke to him and enquired of his family and our human friends that all were well, as well as could be in this time of economic uncertainty. I was told Tinkerbell remained relatively quiet, the way she was after her foray in Bantienyen. Winter came early to Taiwan and the weather was too chilly and too wet for them to go out and about. Yu asked me to visit them all again. I told him that my next visit to them will be in Mar/April next year.

Roberta revealed that she was the anonymous one asking if Riamfada would be taken out. I am too conscious that we live in turbulent times, and financial tsunami might affect me in Oman as well. I liked to take Riamfada out earlier than later, especially as you all know summer in Oman is far too hot for humans or beasties to be out.

The shoelaces bought for harness were now used as toys/playthings so Riamfada be used to that earlier.

In time, Riamfada will be totally freeflown, with a radio transponder so I will know exactly where he is. Lots of falconry in UAE and lots of special radio transponders there in UAE as well. In time, I will do a run into Dubai to pick that up.

In meantime, for outdoor excursions, Riamfada will be in harness and line, a harness I still got to make, taking maybe 5 minutes or so. The amount of procrastination before that will remain unknown but likely to be a lot longer than that 5 minutes of actual harness making time.

I was happy that with the filing of Riamfada's claws, they seemed blunt enough. I could easily and happily received recalls on either arms although I did use the stick now and then as well for that recall. But sharpness was relative. Riamfada was perching nicely on that wobbly perch near me when I was on the laptop playing chess. He got bored by my inattention to him. He decided to fly a lap around the room which was perfectly ok with me. But he chose to end that lap by landing on my head. The filed claws which were ok for landing on arms were still very sharp when he landed on my head.

That earned him another session of 'toe toe' with him perched on back of chair. His claws being filed away, and hopefully even less sharp should he land on my head again.

My wife still complained that Riamfada was not nice to her. Riamfada broke her skin that first time. Then he even did that flying lunge at her. While he did not break her skin after that, he nipped at her from time to time.

I needed to bring better relationship between the two of them. I decided that my wife would have to do some training/bonding with Riam. So when Riam was taken to living room, I did the first round with him. Then my wife was given the stick , and at her cue, and with me standing beside her, Riam step up and step up and given click and treat. Then with my wife holding the target and at her cues, touch target were done. Handshake was done too.

Then 'high five' was cued, and Riam lunged at her finger with a nip. I was beside her and I let out with a big loud NO and an outpouring of anger and disappointment at Riam for doing such thing. Riam hung his head, maybe in shame. No further attempts on nipping my wife.

We tried recall from 2 meters away with my wife holding the stick. Riam did not react. I stood behind my wife , and hold the stick alongside my wife's hand. Recall cue was given. Riamfada looked at the stick perch, and shivered, as if to fly, and would not fly. A couple more times were tried , with Riamfada shivering very very strongly, more strongly each time recall was tried. I stop that for the time being. I would not want to push Riamfada to my wife, I only wanted to nudge him to a closer relationship. Not fair if I persisted and got Riam to fly to wife. Not when he showed so much discomfort that way. With other people trying recalls, Riam did not even as much as glance at them at all. I did not want to win this battle and then lose the war.

I then got my wife away and only I hold that stick. On cue, Riamfada flew immediately to me. I would try this with my wife doing the recall another time, and hopefully Riam being more receptive to her.

We then went out for dinner at Turkish House Restaurant in Al Khuwair. Erica's Bosnian boyfriend was in town for a few days only. They just came back from the turtle beach as well as checking the wadi near there. They reported the Wadi Bani Khalid was a incredibly beautiful place with sweet clear water from springs and a delight to be in. We did not go there the last time.

After my bout of illness, I got back much of my appetite. Still , we could not finish the delicious grilled prawns and fish we ordered.

Coming back home, I earlier thawed out 6 small baggies of the new mash. I had decided to mash that further which I did. The mash from the baggies were placed in a large ziplock bag. The with a glass bottle, I rolled on the mash to break up the beans. The mash was then kneaded to mix them all up before rebagging for the freezer. The catties gathered around. I was so surprised to see first Kathy licking the mash remnants from the spoon, and then Dommie did that as well. I gave a baggie of mashed mash to my wife for the kitties who seemd to love them.

The next morning, I introduced the mashed mash to Riam.

Who turned up his nose.

And got told off by me that even kitties loved that mashed mash.

He did not care, but then, neither did I.

I know in time he will also like that mashed mash.


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